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Assumed BM... How to break the news! (Long Post Sorry)

I have a dilemma and I need your opinions! When I decided on my bridal party I originally wanted 4-5 total in my wedding party (nothing big, nothing too small). However, now I have 5 BM's , 2 MOH's & 2 dedication presenters (will walk down aisle holding each deceased grandparents' pictures) because my fiance has been adding in people without my knowledge... When choosing my BM's I thought about my friends who I've known the longest and those who I talk to on a regular basis (this did not include my fiance's brothers girlfriend/babys mother... we will call her "Sue") However, I am being hit with a guilt trip by my soon to be mother in law that "Sue" will feel left out if I don't put her in my bridal party... I do not talk to her, other than if we are at my mother in laws or it has something to do with my godchild, theres an age gap of 10-12 years so I have nothing in common with her, but she is the mother of my godchild.
So, I came up with an idea that since "Sue" is so adament about walking down the aisle and being a part of my wedding we could have 1 member of each family carry a picture of our deceased grandparents down the aisle. So, my mother in law comes to me and says that she does not want "Sue" to carry it because she is not a blood relative of my fiance's deceased grandmother, and my fiance's cousin should carry it instead. "Sue" can just walk down the aisle by herself. Really?!? walk down the aisle by herself? Add another bridesmaid?!?... 

I am angry that my mother in law is delegating things in my wedding and has decided to up and change things like this is her wedding. She is taking the sentiment out of the whole dedication idea. It doesn't matter whose holding the picture as long as we are paying tribute to them. I want to talk to her about this, but I have a really good relationship with her. How do I let my mother in law know that I do not want to change things without coming across as being a "bridezilla" and damaging our relationship?
F.Y.I. My fiance is pleading the fifth... he does not want to get in the middle of it and thinks the situation is hilarious.

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