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October 2009 Weddings

sinus congestion and rain on wedding day! sad, help!

OK so yesterday all weather stations were saying partly cloudy 68 degrees. NOw they're all saying rain showers 68 degrees. And I'm getting married outside so if it rains I have to get married in the small banquet room next to mine which doesnt make me happy =( I barely slept last nite I was so stressed for saturday! And a few days ago I got sinus congestion and have been stuffed up for days since. I can't breathe at all through my nose. Can someone recommend something for me to take that works wonders so I can breathe? I already tried a few things. I just need sleep and to be able to breathe out of my nose! I am so stressed and I feel like I'm about to cry every second of the day now- its all so overwhelming!

Re: sinus congestion and rain on wedding day! sad, help!

  • Im with you! I am so sick right now. We went out this weeekend and Im sure i caught something! My extended weather forcast said it will be our coldest day so far the weekend of my wedding...Lovely my OOT guest will love that. They are all from AZ.I use advil cold and sinus or sinus congestion whatever it is. Drink Thera Flu too. It always opens me up
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  • I recommend Aleve Cold & Sinus!! That stuff works amazing, it's the only thing that gets rid of my sinus congestion/sinus headaches!! Good luck!!
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  • a seriously allergic friend of mine swears by a netty pot. i cannot effectively describe HOW but you use a tiny tea pot sort of thing to pour warm salted water from one nostril to the other and it cures all that ails you. no, i haven't, yes, i would.
  • FI and I were all congested last week and we both took Sudafed PE Sinus Headache and it really helped. Also, if you're not squeamish about squeezing things up your nose, get some 4-Way Nasal Spray. That stuff is AH-mazing. It will take you from completely unable to breathe to clear in seconds. I only use it when I'm really congested, but it works wonders.
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  • I've also heard amazing things about the Netty Pot but haven't tried it myself. My go-to when I'm really congested is Afrin nasal spray. You can only use it for 3 days in a row (it lasts for 12 hours), so if you try it, you might want to time it so you can use it on Saturday. But it works wonders - you'll be completely clear within 10 minutes. It's AWESOME.
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