NWR: Chrysler is Crooked

Hi All,
One of my BM is going through a horriable ordeal with her car.  She and her husbandhave a 2007 Dodge Charger that died last Monday, the dealer said the ECM died, they wouldn't give them a loaner (even though its covered under warranty)After she started a blog, tweets, letters to Better Business Bureau, Sen. William Larkin, the Attorney General, Arnold Diaz from Fox News, Chrysler Corporate, her attorney as well as various social media posts - Chrysler got wind and gave them a loaner last Friday. 

Today they called them and claim they've reassessed their vehicle and a rats nest is in the car engine and caused the damage and now nothing is covered and they are held responsible for their multiple failed attempts to repair the ECM, parts, labor and new harnesses!!! 

Chrysler is taking them on a rollor coaster from hell.  I am trying to help them spread the word on this horriable ride that an American car manafucturer is putting them through.  Please help me spread this news in hopes to take some action!  If you would
PLEASE click this blog! Comment if you'd like, and forward this on to everyone you know!  They have already had 600+ hits and were showing up on search engines..the higher they get on the search engines, the more pressure on Chrysler...

Thanks in advance!
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