I'm going to start off by saying it's 1:18am and I am watching something on ebay so I might ramble, I'm sorry.

Has anyone had Micodermabrasion, what did you think?  Am I crazy to even think to get this?  I just got Monday's groupons and there is a five session special for 89 pounds.  I want to do facials before the wedding, but is this extreme?  

I have a few fine lines and some adult acne, woo-hoo!  If you have met me IRL please weigh in for real.

Living social has this special, should I go for this or wait it out a week and see what else comes up?  The London ones seem to be way more spa based the the US ones...  

Sorry for my night time insanity.  

Re: Micodermabrasion?

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    NCV I have been getting facials every 3 months, it seemed to be good, but I have acne too, it is pretty ridic at times, trying to keep it tame for the next 2 months.  

    I think you should try facials. I get them done at a spa that uses organic all natural ingredients. Even the peel facial I just did.

    PS go to bed! LOL 
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    Do you have sensitive skin? 

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    I've never done microdermabrasion.  I do have sensitive skin.  I've had two facials in my life and both made me break out after... actually, I'm still trying to get my skin under control from the last one around Thanksgiving.

    I used the Philosophy Oxygen Peel (clicky) and RoC firming serum around my eyes (ETA before the wedding).  I thought it did a good job :)
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    I won a free microdermabrasion session at a bridal show at American Laser Center in CC Philly.  My very oily/acne prone face felt great afterward, but apparently you need a bunch of treatments for long-term results, and of course they tried to pressure me to do so, but I declined since I didn't have that kind of money.
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    NCV... If you have sensitive skin, I might shy away from microdermabrasion because it can be aggressive.... also just know that facials might make you red.  And it's possible that they might break you out more... but sometimes your skin has ro purge.  It needs to get everything out before it can be clear. I am a big fan of facials and facial regimens, but I've had this cluster of break outs for almost a year and nothing has helped.  I've had facials... I've seen a dermatologist.  Nothing is working. 

    I got a Clarisonic, and I've been using that... and my skin is definitely better.  I also starting using this weekly enzyme peel mask by Bliss.  Weekly peels and masks do really good things for your skin, and a lot of the products that they use in those spas you can do at home.

    This is what they do in a facial:

    Steam open your pores
    Clean your skin
    Exfoliate your skin
    Put a mask on
    Clean your skin again
    Put some kind of topical treatment if you need it

    The only thing that you won't be able to get OTC is if they do a glycolic peel or a high grade topical agent.  The highest % of glycolic acid you can get OTC is 25%.  Most glycolic peels are 30% to 40%.  But you can absolutely do your own facial at home, and you can absolutely do your own weekly peel at home.  philosophy's Oxygen Peel like MH suggested is great, and Exuviance has a glycolic peel that is 25% that is great.  Because you said you're sensitive, I'd go with philosophy.
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    RA they sell these things in ulta too I imagine, I am going to use your knowledge to help me too. :) 
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    I'll be getting a microderm in like 2 weeks and can let you know how it goes. It's a combo treatment though - microderm followed by a vacuum and laser treatment. It's supposed to get all the crap out of your pores then hit it with the laser to decrease oil production. Sounds a little exteme, but I have extremely bad skin, so hopefully it helps.
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    I just got this stuff from Philosophy ....i love it! its making my skin feel so much better :)

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