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October 2009 Weddings

Poll: What you wanted to say...

Hey Ladies! I've been thinking about some things that I wanted to say on our wedding day or before but didnt. Just wanted to know what some of yours were and to who. :) 1- To our reception hall lady- you told me when we booked this hall that you WOULD be here ALL day on our wedding day so that we didn't have to worry about letting other venders in. The day before I ask "So your going to be here tomorrow to let the florist and DJ in?" your responsive shouldn't have been "well you know that I have a wedding to get ready for at home" (her daughters getting married) How this my problem? Grrr... 2- To my new FIL- if you don't stop turning on & off my reception lights Im going to kick you in your butt3-To my new MIL- I can't BELIEVE you started drinking at the church when we were taking pictures. You about put me over the edge that day because of your stupidity and you hurt your son just for a drink! Ergh....Okay Im better anyone else need to get anything off their minds??

Re: Poll: What you wanted to say...

  • To our DOC would it really have killed you to listen to me about what i wanted and where I told you I wanted things. To my MIL would it have killed you to talk to me at least for a few minutes on our wedding day. It didn't have to be much just a few nice words. Also would it have killed you to say good bye to the bride??? To the guests that left before dinner or didn't show up , would it have killed you to let us know so that we didn't end up paying for a meal for you. I think thats it. Thanks for the place to vent
  • Oh this is a good one...1. To our coordinator - for the love of God, please let people wander through the house. It's cold outside!2. To my FIL - you're a grown man, you can wear your tie the entire night (he took it off as soon as we were done with pictures...he was the only one who took it off)3. Our families - yeah I know that I said I didn't want a whole lot of people in the bridal suite, but not even to come by and say hello? I mean, literally no one outside of my bridesmaids and mom came in my room to see me before the ceremony. 4. Our guests - Please reserve all questions related to having babies for our one year anniversary. No, we're not having babies today. Oh, and I know it's cold outside, but we have heaters and it would mean a lot to me if you'd stay past 8 pm.
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  • to my husband's family:  would it have been horrible for anyone to stay after the reception and help pick up?  i mean really.....only my family and a couple of bridesmaids stayed to help!  it took us about 30 minutes, and it could have taken 15 if any of you hung out long enough to bring stuff to the carto those of you who rsvp'd yes, then didn't come:  really?  do you not realize that we pay, in advance, per person, and arrange seating, planning on your butt being in a chair?  if you didn't want to come, then you should have rsvp'd no. and on a good note:  one million thanks to my family, and bridesmaids for going above and beyond, and making our wedding day fabulous.  we love each of you, and are so happy to have you in our lives! we also appreciate each of our guests for helping celebrate and sharing in our day.
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  • 1--To our venue: Things turned out really nice, but why use WHITE lights, so far some of the pictures look like there is a huge spot light on us. And chicken marsala is not breaded chicken with marsala sauce. 2--To MIL: Thank you for wearing an emerald green dress, with red hair, and an orange tan. Your drinking to the point of drunkeness was also appropriate. 3--Yankee Candle; Why make your boney bunch holders so heavy??
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  • That too about the RSVP's who said YES but didn't show--would an email hurt??
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  • To my MIL: Would it have killed you to stay for 5 minutes into the reception instead of running out after the ceremony like your hair was on fire. You made The Mr. misrable and upset and EVERYONE noticed you weren't there. You also didn't need to complain your way through the pictures...he's your only son and today is the only chance you're going to get at this.
  • I'm with y'all on the no-shows. We had 10, yes TEN, people RSVP and not come. - Girl who BEGGED me from work to be invited when no one else was, thanks for doing the countdown to the party on your IM and not even bother calling or texting that you & your man coudln't make it. Thanks. - MIL's friend's boyfriend who decided not to come after RSVPing yes, then decided to take a break with his GF to later decide yes, I'm coming and then not show. Thanks.- DH's friend insisting he was bringing a chickypoo and last minute decided to go stag. Thanks for letting us know, um, never.- My ex-boyfriend's girlfriend who backed out at 5 am the morning of because she was nervous to meet me. My ex & I have a great relationship (he even hangs out with DH when I'm not around) and I was having my vow renewal. Come on!- My BFF/DOC's fiance who decided he had better things to do. Then broke up with her after 5 years the Monday after the party. (Eff you, by the way for hurting her feelings and for cheating on her with an 18 year old... when you're 34).- Best Man's wife who decided not to come last minute because they were fighting. That totals 7 but three actually bothered to call me and let me know why they wouldn't be able to make it and all had super valid reasons so I'm not pissed at them. But the other 7 can eat a d!ck.

  • 10 didn't come...we had at least 15 or maybe 20 that didn't!!  A few we knew were sick, but the rest were just MIA.  So annoying  
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  • Only a couple of things did not go according to plan:1 - To my florist - You told me you could and preferred to set up at 10:00 am when the reception was at 4:30 pm.  What you failed to tell me was that since you were setting up so early, you were not going to fill up the vases for my submerged centerpieces to the top since it would be bad for the flowers.  Instead, you put a little water in the vases and my poor cousin/DOC had to fill them up with water right before the reception.  You had assured me that you and your team would take care of everything since I was PAYING you for setup.  You should have told me this when we were coordinating a set up time.  It would have changed my decision to set up so early.2 - To my mom - Yes, I forgot the payments for the musician and church coordinator at the hotel, but you really shouldn't have nagged me about it at the church while I was in the middle of taking formal pictures.  There was nothing I could possibly do.  This was probably the only really stressful part of my day.  The musician was fine with getting paid the next day.  And I don't know what the church coordinator was thinking... like we'd really run with her money.  She's crazy anyway.
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  • 1) To my brothers -"We are trying to take formal portraits.  We only have so much time to do this, and you knew this was scheduled and that you're expected to be here.  STOP WANDERING OFF BETWEEN SHOTS."2) To my parents - "I know that you're really conservative and all, and I appreciate you not making comments about me having the church praise team provide music at the wedding.  But what do you mean you thought I said "Praise team AND organ?"  What kind of combination is that?  Are you serious?"3) To the reception coordinator, when approached about our entree being completely different than what we tasted - "Stop saying that you don't serve anything in a red sauce.  Either you're calling us liars, or you're being honest and scammed us at the tasting.  F. U." (Yes, I was mad.)4) To the people calling me repeatedly the morning of - "YOU ARE A GROWN ADULT, and I have just a few billing things to do this morning.  Figure it out yourself."*sigh*  That felt good.  Good vent session!
  • I just wish I would have been able to say something to every guest who was there.  They all meant so much to DH and I and it was sad not to have time to talk to everyone.
  • 1. Why does the one friend from work show up already drunk and then have to be escorted off because she was still drinking??2. Why does everybody RSVP and only about 30 of those 150 people show up. Hello I could of saved money on food/cake if I knew you didnt want to come. (or at least could of called or something!)3. Why in world did nobody dance?? was everybody mad that we didnt provide the drinks?!! with 150 people we didnt budget for extra drinks!
  • This is a great post!  Allow me to vent a little...To my mom: YES you are supposed to come to the Rehearsal, even if you are not "doing anything" at the wedding.  Its a big deal!  Also, it would have been nice if you had showed up early to hang with me and my sisters in the bridal suite while we were getting ready.  No you don't NEED to be there, but it just would have been nice to have you there when I put my dress on.To my florist: Putting neon yellow dahlias in what should have been an ivory bouquet is not cool.  Putting roses in a bridal bouquet with brown around the edges because they are dying is not acceptable.  Putting sparkly ribbon on the corsages looks like prom, not a wedding.To my married friend, who got married at the beach this year and I was a bridesmaid and spent countless hours at various wedding-related events and the wedding itself: it would have been nice had you stayed longer than one hour at my wedding.  Thanks.
  • Sister: You are 51 years old.  That is too old to be starting a whipped cream fight with my son at the reception!Reception venue owner:  The reason people want to watch our wedding video is so that they can experience what went on.  If you show it without the sound, that won't happen.
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