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SS - Name??

I am changing my name. I cannot go into an SS location cause I work while they are open (they open M-F 9-4) anyways they say I can mail in the info but i need to also mail with it proof of my identitiy, DL or passport....ummmI dont feel good about sending that stuff off in the mail and they say they do not accept copies. Anyone else do this? HELP!

Re: SS - Name??

  • Amy, This may be a stupid question, but have you tried going over your lunch hour or working something out with your boss?  I see you got married in Chicago.  Well I live in the Chicagoland area and got my name changed at the SS office over my lunch hour in about 40 minutes.  Just don't go on Mondays/Tuesdays, and take a later lunch (I went at 1:30).  Hope that helps some...
  • The nearest office is 30 minutes away and I get 30 minutes for lunch, not here I dont get paid, otherwise I would  :(
  • Ooh... I would not feel comfortable sending proof of identity either!  I haven't really thought about what I'm going to do yet... I think I'm just going to suck it up and take a half day off work once I have my certificate and try to get all the changes done.  Good luck!
  • I had this problem, too.  Fortunately, I got a surprise half-day last Friday and made it down to the SS Office.  When I went there, the lady didn't ask me for any proof of ID, just my marriage license.  Try sending them a certified copy of your marriage license (not a photocopy) with the filled-out form by certified mail.  That should work.  If you're nervous about it not working, maybe call your local office and ask if that would be enough?
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  • When we applied for our passports, we had to give them our birth certificates and then they mailed our passports and birth certificates back to us seperately via "regular" mail.  I didn't like it, but there's not much I could do about it. 
  • Their website says they'll accept ceritifed copies by the issuing agency.  This is the route I have to take as well.
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  • I took off work early.  I came in early to make up for it.  Call the 800# for social security and ask them!
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  • I did my name change in person, it took and 1 1/2 hours...grrrr!!!  I work with someone who got married a few months before me.  She mailed hers and got her originals back no problem. I also called SSA to ask them about this and he recommended sending it by certified mail if I couldn't make it in person.  Hope that helped!!
  • also...if this is an option....a girl i work with got married a month before i did.  she called the closest SS office, which happens to be in the town her mom works in. they said her mom could bring in all the paperwork, already signed, and it wouldn't be a problem. this is what she did, and it went fine.  i wouldn't worry about not getting documents back...i was a little worried getting our passports, but we got our birth certificates back no problem. 
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  • I took a half day off work and did both drivers license and SS then. It took me about 2 hours total, so not too bad. Can you work longer hours on other days to make it up?
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