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October 2009 Weddings

thanksgiving dish help!

Hey ladies I hope everyone is doing well now that all of the wedding excitement has died down. I haven't been on in a while, but I noticed now that we are all married there has been some cooking talk on the board so I thought I would inlist you all for help. I am SO not a cook (DH knew this about me from day one so I don't feel bad and I have been trying now that I'm not working so don't harp on me please!) However, this year for the first time since we have been together we will be joining his family for Thanksgiving and I have to bring something. We usually go to my parents house where I "help" in the kitchen but don't have to bring anything, but this year I have to make and bring something. Any ideas? His family isn't that fond of me so I need something that everyone won't be talking about me behind my back after! If any of you have any great Thanksgiving side dishes or desserts or something that you would like to send my way please let me know! TIA and sorry this was so long...Im just nervous I don't want to have poor wife creds.

Re: thanksgiving dish help!

  • I made this pumpkin bread last weekend and it was delicious and not difficult at all: [url]http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pumpkin-Bread-IV/Detail.aspx[/url].The recipe makes three loaves, so I kept one plain, added chocolate chips to one, and raisins that were soaked overnight in spiced rum to the third. We froze two loaves, and only ate the plain so far, but it was delish. Good luck!!
  • What kind of dishes do you feel most comfortable making?  Is his family very traditional with their Thanksgiving meals?  Are they health conscious?  Let me know and I should have some ideas.  I love cooking.  :o)
  • Would you prefer to cook or bake? I like both but I find that baking often is more straightforward and produces more reliable results. Pumpkin bread is really easy, so is pumpkin pie, actually. If you want to cook, homemade applesauce is a cinch, and greenbean casserole isn't too difficult either. If you're interested in any of these in particular let me know, I'll share my recipe!
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  • Well its difficult because I'm from more of a southern tradition. We are getting to do thanksgiving this year and I am soo excited. My ideas for easy stuff: * Paula deen's squah casserole and broccoli casserole (This is actually better with fresh broccoli but she says frozen in her book) *I also have a recipe for a spinach salad that is awesome. I would eat it every day if I could and Im not a salad person. The only issue is you have to mix the dressing in when you get there because the spinach will get soggy if you do it too early. Its easy and fabulous. If you want the recipe let me know.  *martha stewart's  garlic mashed potatoes are awesome. * We are going to try this recipe for mac and cheese because of the rave reviews: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chucks-Favorite-Mac-and-Cheese/Detail.aspx* http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/babycakes-recipe/index.html    This is a cupcake recipe that is actually served at TGIFs. I made it for our wedding and everyone loved them so much they wanted the recipe. Then my brother's girlfriend made them and everyone asked her for the recipe. I don't know anyone who could stop eating them.
  • If anyone plans on making pumpkin pie this year you better get your can pumpkin now. There's a shortage.
  • You could always take sweet potatoes. SOoo incredibly easy. Just buy a can of sweet potatoes (or yams, that works too) and put them into a baking dish. On top of that sprinkle brown sugar and put little pats of butter all over and then top it with marshmallows. Pop it in the oven and voila!
  • i'm attempting pumpin ravioli with a mascarpone sauce.  we went to a wedding 10/25, and that was one of the pasta dishes....it was SO good!  i wasn't sure i'd like it, sounds wierd, but we both loved it, and had 2 helpings. i found a recipe online....but haven't tried it yet.  if you're interested, i can get you the links.
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  • Wow ladies! Thank you so much for all of your responses! I have decided to do homemade mashed potatoes that my sister sent me a recipe for and either the pumpkin bread one of you recommended or this pumpkin cake my mom's friend made...but I will be keeping all of your suggestions for later use (we are having Christmas dinner at our place this year - yikes!). I am getting better at this :) Thanks again girls...feel free to keep 'em coming!
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