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October 2009 Weddings

Keeping Cards?

Is anyone else keeping the cards from the showers and wedding? I'm totally not a packrat type person, but there is something about them that I don't want to throw them out. But I haven't figured out what to do with them aside throw them in a box. Anyone have any other options?

Re: Keeping Cards?

  • I did just that, kept them in a box. :)
  • They're in stacks in my closet right now but I'm going to make some kind of scrap book with them.  I haven't quite figured out how yet though.
  • One of our gifts actually came in a really nice "keepsake" type of box, so I'm going to put mine in that, along with an invitation, program, etc.
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  • I am only keeping the ones where someone obviously took a lot of time to write something personal to DH and I (my grandma wrote a poem, a family friend gave us a recipe for married bliss, etc.). Everything else will get recycled once we go through them one last time to make sure we pulled all the $, checks, and gift cards out of them.
  • I've seen books made especially for keeping cards.... wish I remember where so, I could show you. I am just  going to make my own with card stock and ribbon. I'll work on mine this weekend and take pics.
  • We displayed them all in the house for a about a week, then went through them and kept the extra sentimental or super cute ones and tossed the rest (and I also kept some shower ones).  I'll be including the ones we kept in a wedding scrapbook that will soon be in the works!
  • At one of my showers, they played a game where the guests had to write one of their favorite memories of me down. They were read aloud by one of the bridesmaids and I had to guess who it was from. (which I was a rockstar at!) I have those notecards in the nightstand and when I have a rough day, I take them out and read a few. Those were too personal to toss I think.
  • MIL gave us a box for cards, which we turned into a keepsake box for everything wedding. I think she got it at Hallmark. It has a huge box w/lid on top for keepsakes and a drawer for cards on the bottom. It sits in our closet for now.

  • I might make some kind of scrapbook out of them. I have so many that I feel bad throwing them away.
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  • I'm going to put them in a scrapbook along with pics from the shower & bach party.  I'm just going to use the clear photo corners to attach them to the scrapbook pages so I can take them out down the road if I need to.
  • I am going to take them to a store we have here and get them bound together like a book and then just keep it in our bookcase with all our other books :)
  • I am going to get a 2 inch square punch, and punch out a 2" square from the front of each card.  Then put those squares in a scrapbook.  If the sender wrote something nice or if it was from an elderly relative, I'll keep the card whole.
  • I think I plan on keeping them. I had to respond to this post, because it made me think of my grandmother. On the day of my grandmother's wake (which was only days before DH and I got engaged), my mom and sister and I went through her apartment and found the scrapbook she made of all of the cards they received when she married my grandpa.It was so sweet! She even had written in them what they received from each person! It was so neat to see what was written as messages too. Another funny thing - they didn't make that many wedding cards back in the 1940s, so there were a bunch of the same cards used over and over. hahaMy mom ended up taking the album, but speaking as her granddaughter and having just lost her (on the day we found the album, it was so special to see something like that. It made me feel a little closer to her. Sorry this was so long - I just wanted to share that story. :)
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  • Michaels has a book that is made for keeping cards in the wedding section
  • I definitely plan on keeping our wedding and shower cards. I just haven't had the time to sit down and figure out how I want to do it. At my shower my bridesmaids gave everyone two notecards. One to write down a memory of me or of my DH and one to write down marriage advice so I would like to also include these cards with everything. I have some plans for some other wedding things but I'm not sure how to proceed with executing my idea.
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