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October 2009 Weddings

White House Card

I'll make this one short and sweet: Got my mail today and my congratulations card from Pres & Mrs. Obama was here!!! I was so excited, can't wait to put it in the wedding scrapbook!!!

Re: White House Card

  • I haven't gotten mine yet!  When did you send your invites?
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  • We got ours yesterday!!
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  • Invites were sent in Mid August, like the 12th... I haven't gotten Mickey & Minnies yet, but I didn't mail that one until mid September...
  • We got ours this weekend too! We mailed their invitation with the rest of our invitations, the first week of August. I think it's cute!
  • Well where the crap is mine????
  • We just got ours yesterday too!  Mailed the invite the very beginning of August, I think.
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  • Cool!  Some girls on my local board just got theirs too but their weddings were in June.  I figured I'd have to wait until 2010.  Maybe not?  Thanks for sharing!!
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