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October 2009 Weddings

did you feel like this??

Looking back on our wedding day, I feel like it was such a blur!! I felt like all I did was run around like a chicken with my head cut off all day. I feel sad about it all now. Sad that I feel like I never got a moment to stop and take it all in....despite me trying to do so. Everything feels like a haze to me. We had a million things go wrong that day, but all in all it was perfect because I am now married to the love of my life!! Guess I was just wondering if anyone else felt this way about their day.

Re: did you feel like this??

  • I have a bit regret about the day... I guess I just wish some things went differently. it was all a blur and we were so busy we didn't even get family pictures taken and I forgot the locket with my mothers picture in it. I am so bummed about that. but, looking back at the day I think it could have been worse... allot worse!  that's how you got to think about it! otherwise its just going to eat you up and you don't need that.
  • I absolutely feel this way! I have been so busy with planning and then I thought the day would reflect on that and it was the complete opposite. It went by so fast, I felt like I didn't look at anything or eat. I would totally want a do-over (not differnet marriage, same one with a wedding I can enjoy!)
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  • I feel this was too! I just got all the pictures back from the photographer & other than the ones where we needed to be together (dances, cake cutting) I feel like we kept getting pulled in opposite directions. It was our wedding & we didn't get to spend too much time together during the party! That and I wish it had lasted longer. Our reception was 5 hours but with dinner, the cake, the dances, it just feels like it wasn't long enough.
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  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one, and thank you for opening a discussion about it.  It was a blur, I wish I had a bridezilla back bone to tell people how certain things were supposed to go...especially with the DJ, the photographer and hair dresser.  And I was running around trying to talk to everyone, dance, make sure everything was up and running the way it was supposed to.  So, the DJ did okay, but he needed to play some more oldies early in the evening and to not announce a dollar dance...totally forced into it.  And I'm not 100% happy with the pictures.  We missed a family shot with my DH's grandma and we are a lacking a good amount of just us shots. Plus some are so dark and a few good ones are blurry.  There is only one decent shot of our first dance and its from a distance.Everything else turned out great!  Yeah it was cold, and the heaters ran out of heat and hour before the reception ended, but I'm still married!  And from friends pictures, it looks like everyone got 'sloshed' and had a good time!
  • feeling that way too!!   total blur!!one of my main stressors about that day after looking back on it...i worry that i didn't get to talk to all my guests. i totally tried to get to all the tables, but like you said, you are pulled every which direction.  hopefully the people understand.  and like pp...i too feel like our photographer didn't get enough photos of just us. i have like 4 or 5....but they are of us doing things...cutting cake, first dance, our toast.... we have NONE of us smiling and looking at the camera.    our photographer took a couple of us at church afterwards but they are from too far away... so yeah, i kinda wish we could relive that day and do things alittle differently....and take it all in a little better.
  • TOTALLY! And I'm glad you put it into words, because I wanted to post about it but couldn't really word it right, plus I was worried that I was the only one. I feel sad because I feel like maybe I wasn't the most gracious host, because I can remember talking to people but not really remembering what we talked about, etc. Plus I didn't get to say goodbye to alot of people because they left while we were dancing after everything else, and I didn't want to not have a good time simply because I was standing by the door seeing everyone out the whole time. Maybe I should have been though??
  • agreed, 100%.I worked SO hard doing EVERYTHING myself for the wedding, and just wanted to enjoy the results.It was a blur, and I never even saw an aunt who attended.  i thought she wasn't there, until I saw her in a picture!  We had a receiving line, even!  I didn't go to tables, but DH did, and I felt like we were pulled apart all evening as well.Most of my family left the church before doing the full family pictures after the ceremony, which hurt me very much.  I tried to follow the advice to "take it all in," but was pulled in so many directions.  People traveled from many states away, and I barely got to say hi.  BUT, I was easy to find that day, and the people I socialized with were the ones who approached me...  I can't feel too badly about the people who sat in their seats the whole night.
  • I just worry that I didn't get to talk to people enough. I spend a lot of time with my sister and not mingling the way I should have.
  • Whew!! Thank you girls, I am soooo glad you all felt this way too! Fortunately we did make it around to all the tables, but I still felt like I barely spoke to anyone. I like that some of you said you and DH hardly spent any time together. Okay, I don't like it, but I know how you feel!! I felt like we barely saw each other because he was being pulled one way and I was being pulled another. I think we should get a take 2 where we don't have to do the decorating, etc. but we just get to show up and have fun together. :)
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