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October 2009 Weddings

Photo - black and white with one thing in color

Does anyone know how to take a photo, make it all black and white/sepia except for like one thing in the picture? I want one of our wedding photos of our hands cutting the cake to be in sepia, but I want the orange details on the cake to remain orange. I've seen it done but I have no idea how, I don't have photoshop or anything. Is there an etsy vendor I could use, or any online program? Thanks!

Re: Photo - black and white with one thing in color

  • I have photoshop, you could email it to me and I can see what I can do?  [email protected]  Or you can take it to a walgreens/walmart lab and I'm sure they could help you there?
  • This is very easy to do in Photoshop.  Or you could try piknik?  My cousin uses that a lot and they have some funky edits.  It's a free program.  Also, your photographer should be able to do this for you, if you ask. 
  • if u cant get it let me know and i can do it for u
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  • I've done it before, but I would take up the offers from previous posters regarding having them do it.  I think it's a little too complicated to explain over a Knot post...
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