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Another Name Change Question

So we got our certified copy of our marriage license this weekend so I'm planning to go to the SS office next week to start my name change. Everything I've read and heard says to go there first. I printed the forms and found this in the instructions: "A name change document (e.g. marriage document) must identify you by both your old and new names." Ok... mine doesn't. There's not even a place for that. And I don't think it would be on there because sometimes people don't change their names. So I read on: "If it does not have enough identifying information, we will request an identity document in your prior name and another in your new legal name in addition to the name change document." I'm so confused here. Isn't the SS office the one who changes my name? How am I supposed to provide anything with my new name to THEM, the people who make the change?? All I have is our marriage license, a drivers license, a birth certificate, and a passport - all in my old name only. Is that all you guys took with you? Am I missing something here? I just don't want to lose some of my time off at work and go to the SS office for no reason, you know? TIA!

Re: Another Name Change Question

  • All I took with me was my marriage license, my old SS card and my ID. They asked me what I wanted my new name to be and I told them. They do this all the time. Don't stress! You'll be fine :)

  • My marriage license did have my new surname on it. I had to chose what that would be when we applied for the license. The new surname then takes effect immediately after the completion of the wedding ceremony. I also had to sign the license in the new surname at the wedding, which was then submitted by our officiant in order to get the actual certified marriage license. If yours doesn't have this, I'm not sure what to tell you. Maybe choosing it on the SS form is enough?
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  • My marriage liscence did not have my new name on it either. I just filled out the SS forms with my new name and had ID in my old name & the marriage liscence had my old name on it. I didn't have a problem at all.
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  • My marriage license doesn't have my new name on it either, just my maiden name and DH's name.  When I went to the SS Office, I only had to fill out the form with the new name and present them with my marriage license and old driver's license.  I had no problems at all.
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  • Mine did not have my new name on it. Just my maiden name and DH's name. Then at SS they asked what name I wanted on the card. Between the marriage license and the old SS card, that's all I needed.
  • Thanks, girls! I'll sleep easier tonight and ask for the time off tomorrow! :)
  • our marriage license had DH's last name, and my maiden last name....didn't state what my new name would be. i just went with the marriage license, and my driver's license. i didn't bring my old SS card, and they were ok with it.  it really wasn't too big of a deal.  they just asked if i was hyphenating or taking his last name......it wasn't an issue at all.
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  • In some states (e.g., Massachusetts), you are asked to choose your new name on the marriage license.  In others, you are not.  [url=http://ssa-custhelp.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/ssa.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=315]Even in those in which you are not, the Social Security administration will still allow you to use the marriage certificate as "proof" of the name change[/url].
  • You shouldn't need all that! The only thing I needed for the SSA was the marriage license, my OLD SS card, and my drivers license. And my marriage license didn't specifically identify me by both names either. Since the certificate shows that you're married, and it has DH's last name, that proves what your new name is. You should be fine.
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