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October 2009 Weddings

Shot my first E-session this weekend!

So those of you who are following my blog know that I got back into photography recently and this weekend I shot my first engagement session!  I think it went well... :)  I spoke with my wedding photographer and she is going to let me "assist" her next year both at weddings and e-sessions which I am SOOOO stoked about!  But here is a link to my blog where I posted some pics......just wanted to share. :)  Have a fabulous day!http://kristinacipollaphotography.blogspot.com/

Re: Shot my first E-session this weekend!

  • Those ate awesome. I like the dark one too! :)
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  • yayyy i love the ones with the sun rays coming through..those r my fav kindsa pics
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  • I checked them out yesterday. Nicely done. I'm so ready to get out into the field and start shooting my own pics. I think that's why I can't sleep...I'm too excited to sleep!
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  • Gorgeous pics! Wanna come to Atlanta and do my TTD? lol
  • Thanks ladies!  I like the dark ones too.... :)  Ashley I could not sleep the few nights before!  Excited and nervous....  When I first got my camera I was taking pics of everything!  Including my pizza....  :)  Chick I would LOVE to shoot your TTD session!  Hotlanta! :)
  • Oh Kristina!  I got chills looking over the pics- I am so happy for you that you are pursuing this dream of yours.  My faves are:  the one where they are getting ready to throw leaves and then the one where they are throwing the leaves.  I also love the one of them lying in the leaves.  You did such a great job!
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  • Love 'em!  Great job!
  • Thank you! :)  Oooohhhhh chills....hehe....  I like how everyone has different tatses/ones that they like.  I shot some pics of my friends in front of their new house for their xmas card and they picked a totally different one than I would have picked.....very interesting. :)
  • Congrats! They turned out really good!
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