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October 2009 Weddings

OMG! So mad.....photographer

Ok sorry if this is long.  So as many of you know I have not received our pictures from our wedding yet (10/16).  I have been calling the photographer and e-mailing him with not a single response.  Today I get this e-mail:

Hi Laurie, xxx is been back East helping with an ill family member.  He will be back in Novato on Friday and will have them for you online Friday or this weekend.


I still show a 1 hour over time ($250 - $125 per ½ hour) balance but that can be taken care of when the negatives are shipped or picked up.  Actual overtime was 2 hours but xxx stopped the clock after the first dance.  Creighton talked to your husband and coverage to the first dance was requested but he stayed for the more dancing, cake, garter and bouquet on this own and your are not bring charged for the second hour.


Sorry for the delay!


Ok to make this very clear.  Before the first dance we did  fake cake cutting shots and even dabbed a little frosting on eachothers noses (pretty cute actually).  Then we told him after the first dance he would be done because we could not afford another hour.  (We knew he was throwing in the first extra hour he told us about that).  Then after the first dance it was time for the garter toss.  DH said to him this is going to be funny (we had a rubber chicken, big underwear, handcuffs and etc up my dress).  Intrigued the photographer stayed (but was not asked).  He stayed for that and the cake cutting too.  Again we had earlier told him that we could not afford another hour.  So finally a month later I get the e-mail above.  My response to her was:

No, we do not owe for 1 hour overtime.  Creighton was going to throw in 30 minutes (I can even forward the e-mail).  We took pictures earlier of a fake cake feeding because we could not afford the extra money for him to stay later and we made that very clear to him.  We do not owe you more money.  I paid in full and sent an extra 100.00 because I thought he did a great job.
I live in Nevada so the negatives will have to be shipped.
What woud you do?!  Thoughts?  Thanks for reading....
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