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been bullied

we've had our photo/video people set up for months. friend of fmil goes to wedding where they used the same company, and says video guy was MIA at important moments, and had to be tracked down. i called today to find out where to meet our photographer for the epics this weekend, and (maybe i shouldn't have), but i mentioned what i heard at this wedding. i really was polite on the phone, said i didn't want to cause trouble, but was concerned about this. turns out it's the same video guy. instead of the company reassuring me that he's great, people love him, and he'll do a good job.... they say, he's the best, if you don't want him, we'll switch, everyone wants him. so i didn't want to switch, if "he's the best," but i said i just wanted to make sure something like that wouldn't happen to me. he said he'd make a note, and now i'm the bitchy bride with a note in my file... i feel so bullied..

Re: been bullied

  • Don't feel bad for saying anything. A reputable vendor (or even just someone with two brain cells)  would try their hardest to reassure you and keep you. If he is truly "the best" they wouldn't get defensive over something like that. Is there anyway you could get out of your contracts with this d-bag without losing money? If that happened to me, I would be trying to find a new photog asap.  I really hope you find a good solution to this! You shouldn't have to worry about someone you're paying good money for actually doing their job.

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  • Honestly, if he is the best then you wouldn't have heard that he wasn't around at that other wedding, you would have heard nothing but positive feedback. I think you did the right thing, and on your wedding day, I say you have a one to one chat with him before he starts filming...and have a backup video cam incase he walks because he's "offended"..if he walks, then you'll know. If he stays and does his best, tip him well and apologize for the one to one.
  • bonniebret - I think we have the same mom.
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  • lol anyalee. mom and dad both think i worry too much, like on whether or not we schedule enough time for pictures, whether potential florist actually understands what i want, and whether video guy will be there when he's supposed to be... big things IMO ;)i know we'll keep the video guy. this guy has done other people's weddings FI's family knows, and most were happy with him. just wish they were easier to deal with. have epics on saturday. hope it goes well, and my hair doesn't frizz in the humidity!
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