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Did anyone do their own invitations? I've been looking into this because for the same invitation it is about $175-$200 cheaper from what I had found at a local printer. My only concern is that they do not have templates and I'm not very saavy on the graphic designing end. Just trying to get some opinions.
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    We are using C&P for paper & printing (we are doing the invite design & mounting - the paper comes pre-cut wihch makes it easier) and you're right, it is much cheaper.

    A lot of vendors on etsy will create an invite for you & provide the electronic file to submit for printing - I would check that out.
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    i bought my pocketfolds, cream cardstock and envelope liners from cards&pockets and my outer and inner envelopes from paper presentation. i designed everything on photoshop. i might try printing myself but i heard you can take your own paper to kinkos or staples and they will print it for you.

    like pp said etsy has several people who would design a layout for you, but i have no idea on the cost.

    i really enjoyed designing mine, and if you had a really good idea on what exactly you wanted, i could help you. just let me know!


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