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November 2009 Weddings

Missing Invite?

So I need to start calling people that didn't rsvp. I've had several instances already of people who never received an invite in the first place. I DIY'd all my invites, and I didn't make any extra. If I start calling the missing rsvps and they never received an invite, should I make and mail out another one? How does that work? TIA!
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Re: Missing Invite?

  • Luckily, the ones who never got theirs knew about the wedding, so they called when they never got them.  There were a few that I never got the response card back because it got lost in the mail, but once I called, it was straightened out.  The only one I remailed, was one that came back with an incorrect address.
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  • All of my invites made it to the right places, however, about 10 rsvps never made it back to me. I started calling the people I hadnt heard from and thats how I found out they had rsvpd, but it must have gotten lost in the mail. Anyway, I wouldnt worry about re mailing anything out, especially with only 3 weeks left until your big day. I would just explain what happened and apologize for not being able to mail out another, Im sure they'll understand : ) 
  • I had two people who didnt get an invite and I never got it back in the mail so I am not sure what happened. I have 1 RSVP that was "mailed" that I never received. I gave one of the missing invites to the person... hand delivered it. The other person I gave her our website so she could get all the info. She was coming with soem friends and they all RSVP back on the same one. I say just give them the info via website or something and apologize for them not getting it.
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