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December 2009 Weddings

something special

I want to give my husband a really special gift on our wedding day. I don't have a lot of money so I need it to cost little to nothing. I always feel guilty because he is a singer/songwriter and has written me songs and I want give something to him that is just as special.Any ideas?

Re: something special

  • Why not just a card telling him everything you feel about him....I'm a simple person and I always prefer the simple gifts that say a lot.  I always tell my FI that I would rather have a handwritten card from him 10x more then a piece of jewelry. I would go simple and sweet
  • I agree that something simple or handmade always means the most. Since he's a singer/songwriter, is there anything related to that you could get/make him? A special book to write down his songs? Or even just a journal where he could record ideas, and in the front you could write down your favorite song and why. You could even try writing a song for him (just the words anyway).He obviously loves music... does he have any favorite bands that he's missing some special CD to? Or you could look on ebay and try to find some cool coverart or a poster of his favorite band.If you're creative and like doing crafty things, maybe you could even create some cover art for him based on his current work. You could make him something like this:http://tinyurl.com/ktyfkmby just designing and printing up a CD label and the CD cover and then putting it in a frame. I just looked up CD frames online and it looks like you could get some simple ones for around $20-25. Or if you want to make it something about the both of you, you could design it with pictures of you two together and have the title of the album be an inside joke or your favorite memory or something. Hopefully that makes sense.Good luck!
  • One year, I got a blank calendar & each day, I wrote something on it that said why I loved my FI. (I started it before we got engaged) A whole year later, you have a full calendar. My FI was very moved by it. Although you can't do a whole year before you get married, you could start 9/1 or something & give it him on your wedding day. ON the actual wedding day, you could write something extra special & give him a note explaining what you are doing, and that you will continue writing in it until you have been married a year?Now that it's back to school time, you could get a calendar that starts in Sept. & goes through quite a bit of time. You could also find calendar pages on line and print out as many as you need. That actually will be the cheapest way & you can make a cool cover for it, tie it together cute, etc. :)
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