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Hey Everyone, I would really like to avoid the tanning bed for my wedding, but I kind of pale. I thought about one of the spray on tans, but I am terrified of it coming off on my dress throughout the night. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with sunless tanners? If so, can you recommend the type of spray on you got or the brand of bottle tanner you used? Thanks!

Re: tanning

  • ok...bad typing..I "am" kind of pale hehe
  • Sorry to jump in here since I don't have an answer to your question, but you reminded me to ask about this so thank-you! I've never gone to a tanning salon before but want to do it before the wedding. How far out should I do the first session and how many sessions do you think I should do before the big day? I'd say I have kind of fair skin (the kind that goes along with blonde hair and blue/green eyes), and I will burn when outside too long, but I don't burn ridiculously easy and can get a good tan going by laying out (if it wasn't so cold in December I'd just do that!). TIA!
  • I am , and so is my FI...he is pale & we are going to Jamaica! :) We plan on starting in mid-October so we can get a good, even base tan. I do not plan on being REALLY tan, or it's obviously fake! :)
  • *just throwing in my two cents* I'm also naturally pale and I'm going to just be my natural self on my wedding day ... no tanning beds or spray tans.  I personally had a pre-malenoma a couple years ago so I avoid tanning beds and I'm all about taking care of my skin, but even besides that, I think it's normal for people to be pale in the winter.  Maybe it's a little different in the south where it's warmer but in Wisconsin it's definitley normal to be pale.But if tan is how you want to look, I would recommend experimenting early and trying several different spray tans to find the best one for you.  You'd hate to look all weird and orange on your wedding day!
  • For the virgin fake baker, You should try going now to see how your skin reacts to it and see what your comfortable with. That way you know if you'll get bumps (my sister does but they fade after a day or so), how quickly you'll tan, how dark you'll get, how quickly it fades. I have a beach house so I am laying on the beach every weekend. I am planning to go tanning once a week starting the week after labor day to maintain my current tan. If I need to I'll increase to twice a week. So long as you build the color slowly and don't over do it (4 times a week is excessive) you should have a natural looking tan. As far as spray tanning goes, it works really well for people with the right skin tone. My natural tan is a brown color so I can't do it cause I look orange but my sister's looks fabulous (she has more of a yellow orange natural tan)
  • I would suggest the airbrush tanning. They have different levels so they can really control the color you get and how dark or light you want it to go on.  You can start off with a lighter color to experiment and then go gradually darker if you want. The airbrush is the best way to go to avoid weird lines and streaks as the person applying it can see where the color is going. I would definiltely do a trial run, then plan on going back two days before your wedding, the color will not come off on your dress. Stay away from the tanning bed, that is so bad for your skin.
  • FI and I both plan on tanning before the wedding so that we don't get burnt on the honeymoon in Costa Rica.  Keep in mind that since most poeple are not gonig to be tan, you don't want to go too dark.  I know my BP isn't going to be all that tan so I don't want to be too dark.  I'm thinking I'll start going every other week after labor day and then once a week the month before.  You can also make adjustments to the length of time in the booth. As for self tanners, from what I've heard, read, and seen, it's not a good idea to do this yourself, esp for your wedding.  Go to a professional.
  • I am a natural red-head so you can imagine what my skin is like:) I have used tanning beds before but I haven't in awhile and with the last study saying that tanning beds are like putting toxins in your body, I won't use them again. I actually use Jergen's Self Tanner, medium works for my skintone. I get so many compliments of how I look tan and it never looks orange nor does it run. With this being said, I might try the spray-on tan as it gets closer to the wedding. But if that doesn't work I'm staying with my $7 CVS tan....it's worth trying!! :) Good Luck!
  • I am pale too. I have tried the spay booths at tanning salons and my first AND only experience was horrible. It made me look as if I was dirty. The tan was not even at all (thank goodness this was 2 years ago). I have tried "tan from a can" (I believe it was Neutrogena) and those tend to work, but you have to be careful when applying so you won't get the streak look. My wedding is in December and people do tend to look pale because of the weather. I have decided NOT to tan, because they will know it's fake. I have learned to embrace my pale skin and will show it off proudly :-) [url=http://www.theknot.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=UBB&utm_campaign=tickers][img]http://global.theknot.com/tools/tickers/tt28349.aspx[/img][/url]
  • I had an airbrush tan (not for a wedding) and it looked great. However, I did not see anyone else mention this on here...IT SMELLS!! I would definitely try it our first to see for yourself, but I would not want to spend my wedding day with that smell on me. Also, I would be terrified that it would get onto my dress when I started to sweat. Go to a stand-up tanning booth a couple of times before the wedding.
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