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December 2009 Weddings


What are you ladies planning on wearing under your dresses? I haven't even begun searching for that yet!

Re: undergarments

  • I'll be wearing some sort of spanx and I'm hoping that my dress will allow me to go braless.  I'll have to wait til my first fitting to find that one out, though.
  • My dress has a bra built in, so nothing up top, but the bottoms I got some cute boy shorts.  They are blue, for my "something blue"  I figure I will have mom, BM and possibly MIL and I dont want something too sexy. 
  • Hey!  I'll be wearing Spanx and a tie-up corset that my alterations lady made for me since I'm top heavy and can never find strapless bras that work for me.  The corset she made me has boning in it and she is going to sew it into the dress.  It makes a WORLD of difference!Oh! And some cute lacey white panties of some sort...haven't bought anything yet.
  • My dress has a built in bra and its a corset so all I need is underwear :)  What kind of dress is it?
  • I bought a dress that I really don't have to wear spanx or something. I'm more of a panty-free kinda girl. hahabut I'm getting some cute ruffly blue panties & then getting a good supportive bra.
  • To all you top heavy girls out there---I'm jealous!  I have to get boobs sews INTO my dress so it looks like I actually have something up there.  Oh well.  So, for me, no bra as it's built in, and I was thinking that brazilian cut style of panties (kinda half thong, half not, sits low) because that's sexy but not embarrasing around future mother in law if she has to help!  I haven't decided between blue or white yet, prob. blue.
  • I got a really cute pare of boy shorts from VS's last year that say sexy little bride all over in pink and blue so I"ll be wearing them...I'm either going braless or wearing a longline bra
  • saschb- where did you get your 'boobs' that you'll be sowing into the dress? I need to do something so it gives me a better figsure. Before I was thinking of using those jelly like inserts that have a clasp in the middle to make cleavage but is there's a better alternative let me know!
  • Haha saschb, I'm right there with you. I'm not sure yet if I'll have any cups sown into the dress or if I'll just wear a strapless bra I have. Or maybe even both if I need it! I just ordered some white lacy bikini style underwear and a blue lacy/cotton hiphugger from Victoria's Secret, so I'll probably choose one of those. I originally thought I would wear something kind of sexy, since I figured that was how you were supposed to feel on your wedding day, but then I thought about the whole getting dressed part and how I would really rather not be showing that stuff to my mom and FMIL, haha.
  • i will also be relying on "boobs" sewn into my dress so i will not be wearing a bra but i was thinking of cute lacey boy shorts as well. i am just not very comfortable in thongs and FI actually prefers boy short types :) i haven't decided about panty hose yet, are you ladies wearing them? i have peep toe shoes and my dress doesn't require them, but i don't know, they make me feel more secure when i'm wearing long gowns. i'm not sure how it works with the whole garter thing though...thoughts? TIA
  • i got a pair of "bride" undies from Victoria Secret thanks to a free panty card I had. Then I bought a bra slip for under my dress, I am now regretting it, because I think the dress is stiff enough I could go without. I'm thinking of asking my MOH if she wants to use it and give me what money she wold have spent on a cheaper version.
  • I'm actually having a BIG problem with this. I have a cute pair of just lace bikini blue panties, but I can't find (and definitely need) a bra for my dress. The back of the dress is super low, and I have not been able to find a bra yet that works with it. I've looked online and in stores for low backed bras, but nothing works. I'm hoping that the lady at the store can sew cups into my dress, but I don't know if that will be enough support. Any ideas on this one? I'm just lost.
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