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December 2009 Weddings

Where are you going for your HM??

Hi,Just curious where everyone is going for their honeymoon.  We are going to Kauai from Dec. 21-26, then Maui from Dec. 26-Jan2.

Re: Where are you going for your HM??

  • We are going on Royal Caribbean's new Oasis of the sea...If your a cruise person you have to check this ship out...it's AMAZING!!!!!!!! We are so excited about it!!!!!! Saschb: Have an amazing time in Hawaii...it truly is the most amazing place....Maui is by far my favorite and we did a completely amazing waterfall hike in Kauai that I'll never forget!!
  • nygirl, thanks, we are so excited!  i went to maui when i was a little girl, but i don't remember much...only that it was the most lush vegetation and most beautiful colors I had ever seen!  My fiance and i have only traveled locally and also home to Chicago together, never anywhere else on vacation, so i told him he got to pick where we went, and he picked hawaii...I was thrilled!  I've been on a cruise before as well, and I love being on the water...you are going to have an amazing time!
  • We are going to New York City from Dec. 13-19. I'm REALLY excited----it will be so much fun to see the lights and go to some broadway shows!Hawaii and a cruise sound like perfect destinations in December too :)  Have fun!
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  • We're going on a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas and then we're renting a car and driving to Orlando, where we'll be staying at a Disney resort for 3 nights and going to the various theme parks. Yippeee!
  • Everyone's HMs sound amazing! I can't wait til we all get back and get to share pictures and stories. :o)We're going to Hawaii too for our HM! We're doing the opposite of you though, Maui Dec 21-26 and Kauai Dec 26-Dec 30. We've never been anywhere besides Texas and North Carolina together (and the states between while making the cross country drive, not so fun), so we're soooooo excited about this trip!
  • Dang... Josh and I should really get to planning this. haha We've been so pre-occupied with everything else we haven't put much thought or effort into HM planning. I should start moving this to the top of my list.
  • We are going to Las Vegas. Never been there and looking forward to that.  We are going from Dec. 14-Dec. 18 and staying at MGM Grand. Happy honeymoon to everyone...
  • We're going to Costa Rica.  We'll spend half in the mountains and half on the beach!
  • We will be going to DC for 4 nights.  I actually just booked the hotel yesterday  :)
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  • Fun!  I love everybody's hms!  I'm already counting the days until we get to go!  :)
  • We are honeymooning in the Bahamas from Dec. 7 to the 13th.  So looking forward to the time away together :)
  • Costa Rica for us too. =)
  • We're heading to Maui Dec 6-11, then to Bora Bora Dec 12-18, then we finish the honeymoon in Oahu Dec 19-22. Super awesome Honeymoon! :)
  • They all sound great! We're going to South Africa Dec 6-21st, it was my FI's choice and I can't wait!
  • WOW everyones honeymoons sound SO exciting!!  We are going to Italy for 10 days.  We are spending 3 days in Rome, 2 days in Veince, and 2 days in Florance, then back to Rome to fly home!
  • FI and I are going to Barbados for 7 days... I can't wait!!!
  • Everyone's HMs sound fantastic! I'm pretty sure we're going to CA and hitting up Napa Valley.  We change our minds every other week and nothing is booked yet.  We aren't really lay on the beach and drink fruity drinks kind of people, we're more eat an amazing dinner w/a glass of wine couple so it seems perfect for us.
  • Our HM plans have changed from Puerto Rico to Florida to Barbados to DR to Gallapagos! Now we're going to do Napa and Sonoma in March, and do the Gallapagos for our 1 year anniversary.
  • Key West from 12/14 to 12/19
  • Wow! Everyone is going to such amazing locations!!!! Hopefully we'll be able to actually travel to a far away land for our anniversary.We're doing the local thing. We only have about 4 days to spare. We're going to Riudoso, New Mexico which is only about 5 hours away so road trip! Then we have a romantic cabin for 3 days and 1 night in a luxury hotel. I planned lots of fun in the snow, such as horse carriage ride, snowmobiles, and tubing. I can't wait.
  • Little Dix Bay - Virgin Gorda 1/2-1/10
  • italy for two weeks, similar route to lomowry but reversed.
  • We're heading to New Zealand from Dec. 7-Jan2!  We've both been saving up our time off and can't wait to do such a big trip.  I can't wait to do all the crazy adventure activities and wine tasting there!I think I'm almost more excited about the HM than the actual wedding.  Its going to be so nice to relax with my new hubby!!!mrspgabriel - If you've never been to Napa and want some tips, I've been a gazillion times (I live near SF)!
  • Wow reading about all these locations makes me want a vacation SOOOO badly! My next vaca will be our honeymoon to Dubai and Maldives =) =)
  • We're going to St. Georse island in FL in January, not really sure what exact dates though. My family thinks we're crazy to go to a lake in January but its cozy and w=sweet and FI has so many childhood memories there.
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