Progress Update Thursday

How's everyone doing on WR and NWR projects?
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Re: Progress Update Thursday

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    - ordered our thank you cards!! yay!
    - sent the letter to the dress shop. Will keep you posted
    - "ordered" our proof dvd from Mike, since we haven't been able to get the website to work to see all the pics.
    - sold one item
    - need to take pictures and post the rest of the for sale items
    - taking time this weekend to hit C&B and BB&B to return wedding gifts

    - put together a few mockups for DH for holiday cards, hoping to order this week
    - got preapproval on a mortgage!
    - setting up lots of dinners with friends to catch up
    - trying to get my ass in gear to start physical therapy for my ass

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    -Finished writing Thank you cards last night, just have to address the envelopes.
    -received out CD of pictures. Need to pick which ones we want print of and make our album.
    -Got my dress back from the cleaners
    -Need to take pictures and make a for sale site
    -Need to write vendor reviews

    -Got pre approved for a mortgage
    -We have showings for our 5 favorite houses this weekend!
    -Getting recipes together for the dishes I have to make for Thanksgiving
    -Trying to get our apartment back together and do a good clean.
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    WR - Obviously I've been working on picking pics to hang up in our apt.
     -  I need to pack and put away left over paper stuff and keepsakes but I just haven't been motivated since they're out of my way in the guest room.
     - Have to create and order parent albums

    NWR - Just bought goodies at Sephora
     - Trying a new face cleansing method soon, hopefully my skin doesn't freak

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    um I think everything in my life at the moment is wedding related?!

    -Finally have our marriage license :)
    -Finishing up pre-cana tonight
    -Ordered silver flip flops for BM's yesterday
    -Make up trial is schedules for next Tuesday
    -Meeting with our priest next Wednesday
    -Making phone calls to the 100+people that still haven't responded (this will start Monday)
    -I have to get to a jeweler to get Matt's gift, I know what I want just have to get out and do it.
    -I pick up my dress on Saturday
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    ev4149ev4149 member
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    - bought my flower girl basket on Etsy!
    - bought paper for place cards (my mom is going to do them in calligraphy)
    - am almost done with pre-cana (last class is tonight!)
    - brought FI's ring back to get resized

    - I also bought some goodies at Sephora - a new lip gloss, mascara, and foundation.  LOVE the mascara, it makes my eyelashes so long!
    - sold some more law school study guides... even though I still have about 20 left
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    cfblechmancfblechman member
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    -bought my earrings on etsy last night!
    -started looking at DJs mostly cause i am bored.
    -started to collect things like votive holders and tealight holders cause they were on sale/Buttons is amazing!

    -still applying to everything that looks semi interesting
    -still emailing everyone and not getting responses back about jobs I have applied to!

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    a.lemma4a.lemma4 member
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    - Finally received my signed copy for my photography contract.
    - Caterer deposited our check.
    - Rescheduled our e-session for Dec. 18th! :-)
    - Finally made a centerpiece that FI and I both agree on.

    - Started Christmas shopping!

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    I've been so lazy I have nothing to add.  Frown
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    -still need to change my last name.  Yeah, I am a slacker.
    -need to start TY cards (totally embarrassed by this), tho they are already addressed.
    -need to do something with my dress.
    -need to take pictures of for sale items and post on website
    -waiting for the DVD of pictures to pick out and do our album and parents albums.
    -waiting on the edited version of the video.

    -finish draining the 55 gal fish tank and move it out so we can rearrange the living room for good.
    -move my dresser from my moms to our place.
    -get all the Christmas decorations down :)
    -figure out what to do for Christmas cards.
    -plan what we are taking for Thanksgiving (we do dessert and always pies, need to figure out what kind)
    -finish buying Christmas gifts (including DHs Xbox 360 that he won't shut up about)
    -figure out food Christmas gifts (instead of items, we are doing mini loaves of bread and cookies, since I have a mixer to actually make stuff with)
    -we leave for OH next Friday to move DH's adopted grandmother out there, so planning for that.
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    FutureMrsTCTFutureMrsTCT member
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    WR- I think (thanks to Traci's etsy link) I found invites! yay!!!
    - trying to get e-pics done so we can actually get STDs accomplished and sent out

    That's really the two biggies right now  - and attempting to get his PITA sister to do them for us is really starting to make me just take the $250 and pay our wedding photog to do them.

    NWR - Holiday shopping begins.
    - Papers and end of semester BS  - I really need to get caught up on this. Especially since I have 2 due next week.

    Papers and paper products consume my life right now.
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    -bought my shoes... impatiently waiting for them to come in
    -finally decided on a baker for the cake
    -sent requests for appointments to 2 florists...have yet to hear back.  I should call...
    -going on Encounter this weekend

    -finally started knitting after a few month slump.  I'm making myself a cowl. Then I have to make a hat for a little girl in Ohio who has cancer :(
    -Succesfully got rid of a cold in 3 days... but not before I gave it to FI.  This is going to be a fun retreat...
    -Boycotting Christmas cards...
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