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HM Help

Ok so FI and I only have a few days to honeymoon. Like less than a week. We could leave late monday night or Tuesday morning would be better and then come back Sat evening.Any thoughts on HM locations that would be fun for a few days? We originally planning to do a Europe tour or Costa Rica for 2 weeks. But we can't get off work now :(   So change of plans. And we'll do something longer in the Summer.Note: We currently live in houston. And would be up for anything.

Re: HM Help

  • You could fly to Colorado and ski! Disneyland/world would be an option for a few days if that is your thing (may not be). California---whether it be Napa Valley, San Diego, or San Fransisco would be a good 5 day trip! Or, you could go to NYC!  That what FI and I are doing :)  We are going to NYC to see the Christmas lights, go to the typical tourist sites, and see some shows.  We couldn't go for very long either (mainly because of the holidays.)
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  • Bahamas, Jamaica if you want to do an island.. If you want to stay in the states, Key West, Fl. it gives the island feel without leaving the U.S. Others: Orlando,Fl or a Cabin in the Rocky Mountains.HTH!
  • We couldn't get all the time off either and chose NYC as well! 
  • Shoot, I wrote a post yesterday but it looks like it's gone!  I had suggested a short cruise out of Galveston (they offer 3, 4 and 5 day cruises).  FI and I went on a 5-day cruise to the Caribbean last year and had a blast!  You could also go to New York City, San Fransisco, Nappa Valley, Disney, Colorado....or if you want to save $$ - stay at a nice bed and breakfast in the French Quarter in New Orleans (it's not a terrible drive from Houston)! 
  • We're going to CA - hitting up Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco.  You could just go to Napa and stay in a B&B for like 3 nights.  It would be romantic : )
  • The Poconos in PA-they have several places to stay, including Caesar's Resorts, which are all-inclusive (except for lunch) and they offer a bunch of activites in the winter like skiing, snow mobiling, snow tubing,  ballroom dancing, archery, roller skating, ice skating, etc.  They have 4 resorts, 3 are "adults only" and the food they serve is delicious-it's like being on a cruise, but on land!
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  • Getting a cabin in the mountains would be so nice!
  • FI and I had thought about a trip to NYC too.  I think it would be fun to be there during the holidays, see Rockefeller Plaza and all that fun stuff. :)
  • SoCal or NorCal, FLI'm originally from NJ/NYC, so I can't imagine it as a HM location! =) You'd have to be up for hustle and bustle and not relaxation.
  • Nanner! What are you guys thinking so far??
  • Well we've been looking at all the options so far. Nothing certain yet. I'd love to do the cabin thing. Or maybe a nice lodge. But am having a hard time finding things I like. There are too many places to choose from. We are both accident prone, so skiing is sorta out of the options. But we love cold weather. So just trying to find the right thing.And I looked up the Poconos Mountains. And I found those cesar resorts, and they looked a little sleezy. haha Champagne glass shaped hot tub?? :/  haha no thanks! But that area is def. the right idea I think.
  • How about New England?  You could do the Boston/Salem thing in MA.  In New Hampshire/Vermont there are a TON of cute bed and breakfasts.  I guess it all depends if you guys are leaning more towards a warm destination or a cold one. 
  • I mostly lurk here, but my SIL just got back from a vacation in the poconos at an all-inclusive that she loved.  It is called Skytop Lodge and she said they have waterfalls and beautiful nature trails, a spa and amazing food.  HTH
  • Nanner22-I thought the same thing too! :-)As an engagement gift FI and I got a 2 nights stay at one of the Caesar's resorts and I saw the website for the rooms and saw the cheesey hot tubs and thought, "EWW!"  We even went so far as to have a "backup" place to go to just in case the rooms were bad, but we wound up getting a regular room (aka room without a champagne glass hot tub) and it wasn't bad.  Besides some of the rooms looking kind of sleazy with the champagne glass hot tubs, it isn't a bad place at all.  You have a lot of activities and the food is really good. 
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