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December 2009 Weddings

Freaking Out Yet?

NYE Brides--Anyone realize we have like 2 months left? I'm am massively starting to freak out. I feel like I have SOOOO much stuff left to do! I've got centerpieces to put together, ceremony music to pick out and song lists to put together on the iPod (iPod reception, no DJ/band). I'm sure there's a lot more stuff I'm not remembering. Anybody else? What stuff do you have left to do?

Re: Freaking Out Yet?

  • I'm getting married on 12/19, and I still have TONS to do! I have to figure out transportation, make centerpieces, buy fiance/perent gifts and wrap ALL gifts, go to all final appts., make programs, pick out ceremony and reception music, make favor tags, make slideshow, etc, etc, etc...the list goes on and on! So, honestly, you are probably not doing too bad. lol Plus, I am trying to graduate from college at the same time----just 2 finals and 1 paper left to go! Yikes!
  • Getting married six weeks from today and am TOTALLY freaking out.
  • We are getting married on NYE and I wasnt freakin out till I read this :-(I got lots too do to.Planning on getting tags on favors this weekend, need to book church music and pick all songs, hubby needs passport, we need rings, all bridal party gifts and parents too, guest book tree needs to be made...lots more...
  • I was freaking out at the beginning of the week but have since calmed down.  I gave myself a little pep talk and decided action is the only way to combat the nerves.  I've been compiling a very details To Do list so I really started to tackle it this week so I could cross more things off the list.  Now that things are getting accomplished I'm starting to feel better.I'm also sad that our engagement is nearing the end!  I'm super excited to be married and be Mrs.Gabriel, but it's pretty fun being engaged!
  • I actually wasn't really freaking out until I read this either. Then I really started thinking about what we had left to do, and how little time was left to do it. Thanks a lot for putting me into panic mode! Haha, jk. I think getting the invites out was such a huge task that I kind of forgot the rest of the list. Let's see. Some of my major tasks left are the CPs, my cardbox (which I started last night and then realized I didn't have the right materials), taking my bridals this weekend and finishing the bouquet for them, decorations for the reception, unity candle (puppy ate two of the candles, grrr), making FI figure out ties for the GM, parents gifts (1/4 done), figuring out music (which is lot bigger/harder task than I anticipated), and tons more that I don't want to think about right now.
  • I was and now I'm calm b/c I've realized I'm WAY ahead of the game.  I have my final meetings with my priest and my church music director this weekend and had the final one with the venue last week.....All bridal party gifts are finished, just need to be wrapped. The only think I have left to do are my final meetings, final fittings and getting marriage liscense, hair cut and what not. Right now I'm am VERY HAPPY that I finshed all my favors, programs, menus and DIY projects early b/c I'd be going nuts if I had them now.
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