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December 2009 Weddings

The veil & the FMIL

Ok, so I've written about my FMIL before....but this time its a little different. About a month ago, she offered to make my veil and a little fur shrug thing to wear outside. She said she could do pretty much anything I wanted, so after a little deliberation I said yes and thanked her for her generosity. So, I went to her house the other day to pick up the items she made...and I honestly didn't know what to say. The fur shrug is actually kind of cute...she is going to have to fix it to fit me correctly through the shoulders, but besides that, it's definitely wearable. The problem is: the veil. We picked out the tulle together, so the color matches my dress perfectly...but one side of the top layer is sticking out funny and looks shorter than the other side...and the material is just so cheap that it honestly looks like something I would wear to my bachelorette party, and not to my wedding. Her sewing machine will not allow her to do any sort of trim...so its just plain ivory tulle. In all honesty, it looks terrible. I couldn't say that to her...but I brought it to my fitting this morning and everyone who I was with said it looked awful. I found a veil when I was there that matched my dress BEUTIFULLY with gorgeous beaded trim....so I bought it. How do I tell my FMIL that I am very thankful for her generosity and work...but I just wouldn't be caught dead wearing that veil she made?? I am planning on paying her for the materials and her time...

Re: The veil & the FMIL

  • That's tough, I would probably just say what you just said and thank her for all she did but when you took the veil to your fitting it didn't look good and everyone at the shop told you the same....blame it others :)She might get a little upset but it's your wedding day and you should feel your best.  I know the feeling, my FMIL bought me earrings that were beautiful but didn't look good with my dress and I had to tell her I wasn't wearing them.  She was perfectly fine with me not but I was so nervous to tell her
  • That is a tough one since you don't want to make her feel too awful about it. If it were me, I'd probably say something like when I saw the veil in the shop I just fell in love with it and knew I had to have it, and then thank her again for putting in the time and effort. And then maybe switch the subject to how much you love the wrap, haha.
  • I like pps suggestions but if they don't work you could always say the your veil got attacked by a dog or a cat or if you have no pets, a wild animal of some sort, and that nothing was left of it so you have no other choice but to buy one that you like.
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