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December 2009 Weddings


I stopped at the jewelers over lunch to pick up our wedding bands and now I'm wearing my band! I love it!

Re: Confession

  • HA!  I wear mine around the house!
  • Ahhhh, this is something else to add to the list.  Get wedding ring.  :)Enjoy it!
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  • I don't want to wear my band until we're actually married, but FI makes me put it on so he can look at it, lol...we're picking up his band tomorrow! It's getting close ladies!!
  • hahaha you girls are funny. Ours have been sitting in their boxes for 6 months.
  • Fi bought my band with my engagement ring a yr and a half ago. i promised the Fi i wouldnt even try on my band and surprisingly enough, i haven't! We got his ring a few months back...but 3 wks ago he broke his ring finger in his baseball game and it's still swollen...looks like we may need to consider resizing if not buying a new one!
  • That's great.  I've done the same a few times.   We just got my rind a month or so ago and there has been a few times I've put it on for a little while.   FI's just got back from getting engraved.   Can't wait to see it.
  • Haha, mine has been sitting in the box for 6 months, but I admit I do try it on here and there when no one is home.  fiance's is at the jewler getting engraved.  mine is too thin for engraving but i may end up having my engagement ring engraved as it's thicker....
  • I wear mine around the house too! FI thinks I am insane!
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  • FI designed my wedding band with the engagement ring so I have had it in the house since day one.  I admit I have tried it on a few times but not for long, just enough time to admire how beautiful it is and I never leave the bedroom with it on.  I am sad that I have to give up my e-ring in two weeks to have it cleaned before the wedding and to have the two rings soddered (sp?) together.
  • :) I had to hide mine so it wouldn't be in my line of sight!
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