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Bach Party Vent

So I'm needing a vent....

So I'm totally ok with whatever FI wants to do for his Bach party. Of course I'm a bit bummed because his brothers turned the party into their own personal event instead of the OOT event that FI and I had already planned (and I really am over this already). But I'm a bit annoyed today at the invitation that went out (that accidentally was sent to my email)...

The first line states: "Before Anna completely has Josh's balls, we must celebrate with him before his manhood is gone as we know it. "

The last line reads: "Lets have a great time celebrating Anna and Josh's many trips to Hobby Lobby and the Scrap Book store. "

 Why couldn't I just be left out of it. I dunno... I know its silly to be annoyed. But I just had to let my vent out. Ok Finished. Thanks


Re: Bach Party Vent

  • They're just stupid boys. Most guys I know are actually quite jealous of guys in commited relationships or who are happily married (although they'll never admit it when they're sober lol). I'm expecting that my FI's friends will probably be making similar comments to him at his bach party.
  • how old are they?  I guess being almost 29 and 30 things change of what guys think of marriage and the fact that most of our guys are married already.

    I'd be annoyed too but don't let you get you down....they'll grow up at some point :)
  • hahah thanks for the words girls. Yah I wasn't too down about it... just peeved.

    But I talked to FI about it- and he actually said that his brother already apologized for the words. He said that it was ok for he and his brothers to joke around like that in private - because they know they are joking. But he shouldn't have let other people see that kind of joking.

    So I was very impressed that his brother said that to him. Especially since I wouldn't have expected him to say those words in the first place.

    And Melissa like you mentioned... FI and I are the first ones in our families and circle of friends to get married. So everyone is just being silly. They will grow up :) 
  • I definitely understand how you feel, but just remember that when a girl is getting married, we say, "Join us for the last single gal's get-together" or something to that effect, but guys say it in that exact way.

    It's just how they communicate with each other. They can't just say, "Josh is getting married, let's celebrate!" They have to put a spin on it.

  • Boys will be boys...

    So sorry you had to see that.  We do call the bachelorette parties the 'last fling before the ring'...  But, the guys worded their party title, and ending, a bit harshly.  At least they were man enough to apologize to your future H.   They will learn from this, and not act that way in the future, I'm sure. 
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  • I agree w/nygirl - that's very immature.  Honestly that would bother me so I totally understand your vent!  It makes it sound like they aren't happy for you guys.  *hugs*

    FI's friends are all around 30 and a handful of them are also married or engaged or in serious relationships so I think they "get it".  Sorry they did that to you!
  • I guess I would be a little upset to based on your name being dragged into their party invite.  But like the other ladies sad, boys will be boys.  It's okay...soon it will be all over...for all of us.  We will be married!
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