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September 2009 Weddings

Sweetheart table or Head table?

FI wants a sweetheart table...I'm leaning towards a head table.What are you doing? Any specific reasons?
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Re: Sweetheart table or Head table?

  • We are doing a kings table or captains table, basically it is a big rectangle, FI and I sit next to eachother at the head, and then we will have the wedding party on each side of the table, so they can talk across the table instead of a straight line like a traditional head table We aren't doing a sweetheart table because my mom, FMIL and FI view them as rude Also, we have four sets of parents (both parents divorced and remarried) plus siblings, etc so it wouldn't have worked to do a family table A lot of our wedding party is single and bringing dates, or their spouses can't attend due to having a newborn at home, so it made sense for us
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  • * not bringing dates, whoops
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  • We are doing a sweetheart table.  We are not doing a head table because we have a rather large bridal party and we also would like them to be able to sit with their guests.  We talked about just sitting at one of the regular tables but then couldn't figure out how we would decide who to sit with, so we are just doing a sweetheart table.  :)
  • I like sweetheart tables, but only because it involves less politics of who gets to sit with you, where they sit, and I'm anti-social and I like the idea of having at least a few moments with just FI/DH.
  • I think we're doing a sweetheart. I don't want to seperate our wedding party from their dates/husbands/children and I want to have a few minutes between FI and I since it will be really hectic.
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  • We have three tables for the wedding party.  Basically, because to have a head table we would have need to squish everyone together to fit.  Our reception is on a boat though, so the three tables for the WP will be located in a little room on the bow of the boat.  Our MOH and BM will sit with us.
  • Head table.  I've always envisioned it this way - so that's why.  I felt a little guilty for it at first since the bridal party won't be sitting with their dates - but most of the bridal party has broken up with their SO's so they'll be flying solo! I think the sweetheart table is cute - but NMS, I'd be too paranoid that people were watching me eat with it. At least with a head table I can think that they're watching my bridal party. haha
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  • Sweetheart table.  It's more romantic, more intimate, and the bridal party can sit with their guests.
  • We are doing a sweetheart b/c we will be running around the reception talking to everyone and it will give us the opportunity to actually talk to each other and take it all in together.
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  • sweetheart table. mainly because i wanted the bp to sit with their guests and i wanted to have a few moments just with fi.
  • I'm anti-social and I like the idea of having at least a few moments with just FI/DH.WFW.  If we sat with his parents, they'd be talking to him NONSTOP in Chinese which I can't understand, so they really are just talking to him, not me.  I have to deal with that when they visit and spend most of the day daydreaming and not talking.  I would barely be able to speak to him because they constantly have something to say and they don't have a problem with interrupting us when we're talking to each other.  So, that's a no.We did think of having just the BMs and GMs, but I like the idea of being alone with FI.  FI wanted them around so the attention wouldn't just be on us, at our two person table.
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  • head table - I don't want to do it, but that's the way the venue is set up
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  • sweetheart table, we have 16 including FI and I so that would be a large head table. Plus all but 2 of my bridal party has SO's so we didn't want to split them up.
  • [i]I think the sweetheart table is cute - but NMS, I'd be too paranoid that people were watching me eat with it. At least with a head table I can think that they're watching my bridal party. haha[/i] Also - this. I hate being the center of attention.
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    Charlie ? 12/11/2011

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  • I WANTED a sweetheart b/c our wedding party is so large BUT FI said he WANTED a head table to sit near his friends.  Since he isn't making many decisions I let him have this one.  It was way easier.
  • Head Table. Both FI & myself do not exactly like being the complete center of attention.
  • Sweetheart. We want our friends and family to sit with their guests/friends.
  • We're doing a sweetheart table, because we we didn't want to split people up from their SOs. You could also do a round table with parents or siblings or your closest wedding party. We just couldn't make it work for us without hurting someone feelings.
  • sweetheart table. I wanted the bridal party to be able to sit with their spouse/SO and to be able to sit with people they know and like. And I like the idea of having dinner with FI and getting to chat a little before it gets nuts
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  • Sweetheart. I always wanted a head table but everyone that I talked to that had one said that they were too busy all evening talking to their bridal party, family members, and guests that they didn't get to talk to each other! I want to be able to talk to my new hubby on our wedding day. Plus I want our wedding party to sit with their guests.
  • Neither. We are sitting at a table with all of our parents (both sets of Fi's and mine). It will be at the top of the dance floor, but still with everyone else. It will not be set up any different, and then we can eat quickly (without people staring) and go say our hellos. :0)
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  • tdmd09tdmd09 member
    We're doing a head table with our BP and their spouses/dates. No specific reason.
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  • Kings table. We're having our table in the center, with our bridal party and their husbands/wives/dates at the head table.  

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  • Sweetheart table.   Also, we aren't having any kind of BP table...we are splitting them up all over the place on different tables.
  • I don't understand why people think a head table has to separate people.  We are doing a U shaped head table that will accomodate our WP and their SO/dates.  We want to be sitting and chatting with our closest family/friends that we asked to stand up with us.  And the U shape will allow everyone to feel more included and be able to talk to more than just the 2 people sitting next to them.
  • sweetheart.... and ditto pp, we are putting our BP with the people they know, and not having them all sit together. No real reason, except i think it will look better this way.

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  • I don't understand why people think a head table has to separate people.Our venue won't allow us to do that because of the layout of the room and because we are at max capacity so it has to be a lot of those big round tables. I tried SO HARD to let us sit with our bridal party!!
  • Yeah, I guess with that you really can't do anything about it....but then again.  I'm paying my venue, so I tell them how I want it and they accomodate.  I think its fine to let them sit with their guests and family....I just don't think it has to be one or the other as a lot of people are stating.
  • I personally hate head tables.  As a BM, I hate being on display so everyone can stare at me while I eat, and I don't like not being able to sit with my date. We're sitting with our parents and a couple other close relatives.  Our bridal party will sit at tables with their dates/family/friends.
  • Sweetheart. I've always hated sitting at a head table with out my date and I'd like to have some time with just my new DH for dinner :)
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