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September 2009 Weddings

Sweetheart table or Head table?


Re: Sweetheart table or Head table?

  • We're doing a sweetheart table.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with FI alone.  Plus I just think that head tables are a little outdated and NMS. 
  • We're doing a sweetheart table, just so bridal party can sit with significant others---And they're bringing our meal in pieces first so we can eat-run to talk to people, eat, run to talk to people.
  • we are having a sweet heart table b/c: 1) i hate head tables with a passion, they annoy the snot out of Fi 2) i cant stand the idea that the wedding party cant be with their dates(even if they did it to us), MOH's bf wont know anyone except her parents, and i know MOH would like to sit with her parents since she doesnt get to see them often 3) my brother would have more fun sitting with the cousins, FSIL would rather sit with family 4) if we dont have a table for the rest of the wedding party, i dont have anywhere to put the one set of friends thats not in the bridal party
  • We are doing a sweetheart table because everyone in our bridal party has a SO.  I figured because we are doing an OOT wedding most people would want to sit with the ppl they traveled there with. Plus I want to spend time with FI and it would look too crowded under our tent.
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    We're doing neither... or maybe a mini head table.. it's just us, the honor attendants and their significant others. So a cute little table of 6.
  • We are doing a head table because I think that there will be plenty of time for FI and I to have our own moments and our BP is so important and have spent so much time on this wedding they should be included with us. 
  • We are doing a sweatheart table for a couple reasons. 1. I wanted our bridal party to sit with their spouses/guests and 2. FI and I wanted a minute to ourselves since the rest of the day we are surrounded by people. We wanted "us" time. We are still keeping the bridal party semi-together though. The girls and their spouses will be at one table-if they all fit, and the guys and their spouses will be at another one.
  • Our bridal party consists of 26 people and we still haven't decided on how we'll set this up.  Right now we're leaning towards a sweetheart table on the stage and having the BP sit near us at separate rounds with their guests. 
  • We are actually doing both. I don't have a picture of this but it is a sweetheart table with two head tables next to it.Think of it as a circle with two rectangles on end shoved up next to it, lol.
  • We're doing a head table for 2 main reasons. --We both come from divorced families, so a "family table" isn't an option without LOTS of awkwardness. --We'd both be uncomfy sitting "on display" just us two. (Not meant to offend anyone doing a sweetheart table, by the way :) Just how we feel.) Our WP is fine with it, which is awesome. HTH!
  • D74, that's kinda how we feel too--people watching us all the time! At least I'd be THINKING it. LOL
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