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September 2009 Weddings

Poll: How Long?


Re: Poll: How Long?

  • Haha, oh noes.  Jill, you better be prepared for a random thong showing up at your doorstep before the wedding!
  • HAHA!
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • started lurking here and locals aug of 08 with the occasional, kept myself mystery until the engagement was official in nov 08, didnt need my BMs finding me on here and spoiling the suprise!
  • Maybe we should send a men's lighthouse thong to Doug. BWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • June 08 got engaged, came on to the knot around July, discovered the 09 broad I think in Aug. lurked for a couple weeks and then started posting.
  • MeegMeeg member
    Haha. Joined TK in 2002 when I was a BM in my brother's wedding. Made a board nickname and posted on NEY all of once in like... 2007. Found us through someone on the Boston board's siggy sometime in like July '08... and did an intro post. lol.
  • Maybe we should send a men's lighthouse thong to Doug. ROTFLMMFAO!!!
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • Been on the 'knot' for probably about 1 1/2 years now. I found it right after i got engaged (Jan 08) and didn't really lurk before posting. (Except P&E of course). I've been a Niner since it was a 'secret' too. But now, i don't post like i used to with all the BS that goes down sometimes.
    Hunter David Robert

  • Can I deliver the thong at the Aug Boston Niner GTG? I'm late, but I've been on the knot since I got engaged Jan 2006 I have been hanging out on the Niners board since there were 3 posts. So, since the beginning of the existence of the Niners on the knot (almost 2 years ago?) I never lurked here. I was way too excited when I found "my" club board because I'd been engaged for approx. 18 mos by then...
    White Knot
    Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot
  • kass09kass09 member
    late on this... joined the knot when we got engaged in October 08, had always looked a bit before. Found the niners maybe in March 09?  Intro'd myself pretty quickly without much lurking. MaryandKirk..holy long engagement!  Impressive....I couldn't handle it that long!
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  • I have been on the knot since July 07, and I only found the Sept board like 6 months ago :(....Wish I found it earlier
  • Mary, do you remember when we celebrated having 2 pages of posts? That was pretty epic for us back then.
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • Hi! I've been on The Knot since 2007--I signed up with 600+ days to go! I've visited this board off and on, but only started posting/responding a lot recently :)
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