Desmond in Malvern?

Does anyone have any experience with the Desmond in Malvern,PA for a reception?  I just came across it on weddingwire but hadn't seen any posts from anyone on it here.

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Re: Desmond in Malvern?

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    Never been for a wedding reception, but my school district has hosted a number of functions there before so I'm familiar with the space and the food, sort of.  I didn't find it to be a particularly spectacular or unique-looking location in terms of atmosphere (although this could be a reflection of the reasons I was there) but the food was decent and the location is awesome - accessible to basically all of Chester County and not even that far removed from the city.  Plus you have the hotel right on site. 
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    Nope. I have never been. I went to a wedding many yrs. ago at the farmhouse at People's light and theatre--- in malvern.

     Very nice! gorgeous setting. They are on the web i think
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    I was at a reception there years ago.  The only issue we found was tryign to get there on public transportation, but as long as everyone drives or has a ride it's not bad.  We stayed the night, and the rooms were really nice. 

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