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My bestfriend just got engaged last week and she plans on having a destination wedding in Vegas this August. She doesnt plan on inviting more than 20 people. I want to throw her a shower but since shes hardly inviting anyone bc she has a really tight budget (I dont even know if Im invited to the wedding yet) can I invite people that arent invited to the wedding? I know the etiquette is that only people invited to the weddding are invited to the shower but does it apply for destination weddings? She also isnt having a bridal party either but I want my friend to have at least some wedding related stuff and not miss out bc of her destination wedding.

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    Your correct about the etiquete of only inviting people to a bridal shower that are invited to the actual wedding, because otherwise it looks like she's okay with getting gifts from them but doesn't want them to be part of her day (that's what it looks like to guests not that your friend feels that way)

    Is she planning on having an at home reception? One of my college friends is getting married in March in Mexico but then in June they are having an at home reception (thats the one we can go to) If she is maybe you can wait till its closer to that at home reception and throw her a bridal shower maybe co-ed since they'll be married and then more friends can be invited.

    Or you could throw them an engagement party and at least all their friends can come and celebrate with them even if they can't or aren't invited to the destination wedding.
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    My college roommate had a shower in her hometown of CT (she now lives in FL) and we invited anyone who knew her... they were all invited to come to the wedding though but many were choosing not too.... If she is not inviting alot of people I think your best bet is having a "Welcome Home" party after the wedding OR a "Engagement Party"....
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