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September 2009 Weddings

Help w/ placecards - names?

I am trying to figure out whether to put Dr. on the cards but leave all other titles like Mr. Mrs. Ms. etc. off the others? Or can I just use names without titles? I kind of want it to be a little informal anyway (e.g.,  if they go by Bob, then it's Bob, not Robert). But if I put Dr. on the ones that are Drs, then should I put PE at the end of the ones who are P.E.'s? It seems kind of silly, but I have no idea what the protocol is for that? Are the Dr's going to get offended if I don't put titles on any of them? If I put Dr. on them do I have to maintain consistency and put Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.? Confused! Please help!!! Thanks!

Re: Help w/ placecards - names?

  • I just did mine as:Josh SmithTable 8Jane SmithTable 8I left off the titles.  I really didn't even think to do it with the titles.  I think whatever you decide to do is fine, really.
  • I'm leaving titles off of mine. They are casual, and I didn't feel like cramming in their full title. If the people who are Dr's get upset at that, they should relax a little for one, but also, if they notice there aren't titles on any of them, they shouldn't be offended.
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  • It's totally fine to ditch titles and if a doctor was actually offended, he/she can seriously shove off.  I didn't even use titles when addressing invitations (except for Doctors, in that case.)  It's a pain to write "Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Smith" because I sure as heck wasn't going to write "Mr. and Mrs. HisName HisLastName." :)Our reception is relatively formal and we still aren't doing titles on the place cards.  We also used nicknames "Bob" instead of "Robert."
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