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September 2009 Weddings

My memoriable b-party last night (pip/pib)

I had my b-party last night. The girls and I went to a cooking school in denver called Generous Servings.The cooking school was awesome and all the gals had a ton of fun. We got to cook some great dished too. Our limo driver on the other hand, well he was fired by the end of the night. The things he did wrong were: 1) Got lost trying to pick us up. He was 10 min late. 2) Had handcuffs in his pocket and he said, "I know how to use them". (Umm scary!) 3) Didn’t know where we were going. He didn't even bother to look at the map quest instructions we gave him. So it was our duty to help give him directions. (Totally not our responsibility! We are there to enjoy the evening) 4) He dropped us off at the cooking school and then left. We called to have him pick us up and he was MIA for 30 min. We had to call the manager to get the problem fixed. 5) When he arrived, there was a HUGE scratch on the side of the car. He hit something and totally denied it. 6) We had to give him more directions how to get to down town Denver. 7) He dropped us off and later when we called for a pick up, he was MIA AGAIN! He didn't answer the phone, and then later another lady answered it and said the driver wasn't available. We called again and the driver said the limo had been towed! We then called the manager again and he had to drive his car down (an hours length away) and pick up the limo and then come by and pick us up. We didn't intend to stay out ALL night long, but he had too. We were stuck without a ride home. 8) On the way home we stopped at a gas station so we could go to the bathroom and the original driver and the manager’s kid was waiting for us there too. The manager took the drivers belongings and dropped them on a table and left him there with no ride home at 3:00 in the morning! 9) We heard the driver say, "Those B*tches weren't going to tip me so left them." 10) He was the WORST driver ever. He always slammed on the brakes making us spill our drinks. It makes for a good story and a great memory! Here are a few pictures!on a brand new limo!!!!30 new thongs and underwear for the honeymoon!Limo ride!Learning how to make potstickersIt was sexy black dress night! We looked HOT!
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Re: My memoriable b-party last night (pip/pib)

  • Sorry about the sucky driver! It's hilarious that in the end he was the one that got left. I'm glad you had a blast otherwise! The cooking school is a GREAT idea!
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