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September 2009 Weddings

Struggling with the timeline?

I dont really post often but I need some advice! I am getting married on Saturday the 5th and I cant seem to figure out our timeline for the reception.Are you guys cutting the cake before dinner or after? We are having a sweet table opened about an hour after dinner so I wanted to make sure the cake was served as soon as possible after dinner. Is it weird to cut before dinner?Also, we are having food stations. Should we do speeches before dinner then? I think people usually do it during the meal but I imagine people will be getting up. I assume this is how it is with buffets though, so it probably wouldnt be a big deal if people got up in the middle. I just dont want them to feel like they are trapped and cant go and get more food.  Someone advise me please! I am sure its not a big deal either way but at this point I am having a hard time making decisions!Thanks!!Joni

Re: Struggling with the timeline?

  • we are doing the cake cutting before dinner- more than anything, we want to get all the "necessary" stuff out of hte way, so we arent interrupting the dancing for 47 different things and we are also doing speeches before dinner, since we doing a buffet. the salad is served at the table, so probably its technically during the salad course, but we are doing it before everyone gets up, cause then no one is going to pay attention
  • i guess im pretty lucky, because our photographers made our timeline with our engagement photos! its so cute! anyways, she has us cutting the cake before dinner. she has dinner as being last but i think im going to let people get dinner before the speeches?? im not sure on a few things reguarding my timeline but im sure it will all fall into place. i dont want alot of people moving around during the speech and dances and suff either! so i dont know how it will work. my sister in law is really good at getting people where they need to be and she is a perfectionist so hopefully she can tell people its time to sit down or whatever.......i guess ill see what happens! congrats and good luck! everything will work out and be great
  • I just finished my timeline today.  We are doing:Bridal Party EntranceFirst DanceWelcome Speech (my father)DinnerCake Cutting-include time for bride and groom to eat cakeSpecial DancesOpen Dance Floor
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  • We're doing toasts and cake cutting towards the tail end of dinner.  That way, people will be just starting to get done eating and we can go right into dancing after the cake cutting.  We have our candy station opening up during dancing so people can grab some as they leave.
  • We are cutting the cake after dinner. I have never seen it done before dinner, but maybe that is a new trend? Usually when the cake is cut that tends to signify that the reception is coming to a close(hour or so). Also, we are doing speeches right before dinnr, but after the our dance and the dance with the parents. we want to get that all done this way people can hit up the dance floor.
  • The tentative timeline for us (also Sept 5) is:Bridal party entranceGraceBM/MOH toasts during dinner (dinner is being served family style, so no one will have to get up)Cake cutting Immediately from cake to first dancebride/dad, groom/mom dancesopen floorBut, I've been to many weddings served buffet style and the trend has been to get everyone seated, then the BM/MOH toasts and then grace. Dinner is served and after dinner (almost always immediately) the cake is cut. I think if you cut the cake right after dinner, then whoever is cutting the cake for the dessert table will have enough time (since you said it's opening an hour after dinner). Congratulations!! 5 days, y'know! ;)
  • This is my timeline date twin! ;-) Introductions of parents and B&G Bridal first dance Dad and bride dance Mom and groom dance Cake cutting B&B thank you toast Dinner - buffet After dinner, FOB toast Dessert Mom and bride dance Group photo shot Open dancing *I don't think it's weird to have cake cutting before dinner, as evidenced by the fact that that is what I am doing *Yes since you are having a buffet, I would try to do some speeches before dinner and some speeches right after dinner as you *don't* want people getting up in the middle of them. That's what I am doing as well.
  • Our cake cutting is during the salad course... they said they need it cut then because they need time to cut all the pieces to have it ready to be served right after dinner.
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