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September 2009 Weddings

oh what a weekend.

so friday night: both of my bm's get engaged. eight days before my wedding. saturday: b-party. a lot of fun actually. i met up with some local knotties, had a pizza party with the girls and then headed out to some clubs. i had a scavenger hunt of things i needed to find/do. examples: kiss a bald man's head; dance with the oldest man in the bar, get someone to moon us, find a condom, etc etc. we also met up with fi and his b party. at the end of the evening fi and his friend were walking back to my house and got attacked by someone. both fi and his friend got stabbed by this guy. with a screwdriver. it as awful! fortunately fi and his friend fought back, detained the guy and the police came. they arrested him and are going to charge him with aggravated assault most likely. after getting cleaned up fi and his friend were fine. it was super scary for me and was an awful ending to the night.

Re: oh what a weekend.

  • OH MY GOD!! Stabbed with a screwdriver?!?! I'm glad everyone is okay.
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  • WOW. Sorry to hear that!!! I hope they're both ok now! Hopefully you'll have some good memories from your night too...
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  • Oh my God!! That's so scary! Were they walking in a bad area or something?? Happy they're ok and that they caught they guy.
  • Wow ! I'm glad everyone is ok & the guy is caught. Did they need to get tetnus shots? Seriously, though, who stabs someone with a screwdriver ?!?!
  • OMG - thats scary.  Glad your Fi is ok and they got the guy.
  • WTF? Stabbed with a screwdriver? I'm glad everyone is ok!!
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  • OMG! That is so scary! Im so sorry you had to witness that! Thank Goodness your FI and his friend are ok! How unbelievable! Glad it seemed like you had fun at the Bparty, and thats cool that your BMs are engaged!
  • I'm so glad everyone is okay!  Did they know this guy at all?
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  • WOW. Just wow! I'm so glad that everyone is OK, but what a damper on a good party. I'm glad it wasn't worse than it was!
  • Wow, thats scary. It soo good they were all together so they could fight back.
  • it was super scary! they had to get shots tetanus and antibiotics and cleaned up and bandaged. but thankfully, thats all! it was just some random guy (who was clearly on drugs) that just ran up behind them and jumped on fi's friend and started stabbing at his back and neck with this screwdriver.
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