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September 2009 Weddings

Alright hookers.

I am real. Saturday was the bachelorette party. It was awesome. We started at dinner at an Italian restaurant, and it was YUM. Oh, I had said no penis anything that night, no sash, no blinking penis necklace, nothing like that. I got back from the restroom during dinner, and found this in my sangria. Hookers. Ah well, they made for some good pics later. Then, about 8 of us, including FMIL, headed downtown to a martini bar. FMIL was one of the DDs, and before we got in the car, one of my friends handed me a gift bag and said "enjoy!"I opened it on the way. That may have been a mistake, but FMIL laughed it off. She's pretty cool. It was one of those "grab bags" from the adult store. Contents included a vibrating c*ck ring, pocket vibe, lube, porn, sex boardgame, edible underwear, and some weird mask that I put on for a picture. We had a blast at the martini bar. I felt kinda bad for FMIL, who didn't drink anything, but she amused herself by snapping random pictures of us the entire time. About an hour after we got there, FMIL kept getting pics of me adjusting my strapless bra, and dying laughing about it. I said "fine, it's coming off then!" So, the brar came off. Thank goodness there was an event going on downtown and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Around 12:30, I noticed FMIL fading fast, and told her that they could just drive us back up north (where she was staying at FSIL's house), and we'd cab it home from there. We hit a bar close by, and had a few more drinks. They had a jukebox, so we jammed out to some NKOTB, thus the penis straws doubling as mics. All in all, a win of a night.The shower was the next day. It was "Something Blue" themed. BFF did such a fabulous job with it, she's so cute. She had everyone wear a shade of blue, wrap the gifts in blue, and made this awesome candy bar. It was a lot of fun. Sidenote: the blue dress I bought did feel kind of short with the shoes I wore, so I was constantly tugging it down, and think it looks like crap in pictures. I swear it didn't look this bad in the mirror. ::shrug::
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Re: Alright hookers.

  • Good times, indeed! :D
  • Looked like a fun weekend!!
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  • :like:  Glad you had fun!!I think the dress is cute!!  And I love the necklace you wore with it.
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  • Such great pics! Sounds like Saturday night was a crazy night for many of us!
  • It looks like you had so much fun!!! I'm really digging the outfit you wore to your b-party and I think your blue dress looks cute on you!
  • Thanks for sharing... It looks like you had a lot of fun! I also told my girls no penis stuff... I know they won't listen either haha. I love your shower theme, your girls did a great job :)
  • Aw so cute! I'm in love with the something blue theme:)
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  • Hilarious! I love that penis straw mic!
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  • Looks like a good time!Where did you buy the shirt you wore to your b-party? Love it.
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  • Love the play by play you have provided.  Looks like a fun night. I was at FMIL/FSIL's on Friday night, and FSIL started talking about the penis cupcakes she was planning on making for my b-party, right in front of FMIL and FFIL.  I think I turned as red as your shirt!
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  • Looks like fun! B Parties are made for pen!s stuff, so don't go too hard on them... Your shower was adorable- candy bar turned out great!
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  • your Bparty looks like it was a lot of fun (minus NKOTB kthxbai)!!love the lollipop guild photo of you and your BFF - it cracks me up.  I will have to FB send you some photos of my friend Dre, you could be twinsies.  The candy bar turned out really cute, great job to your bestie.PS is that ILWWIIA-sister on the far left in the last photo here? She looks like you kinda sorta.
  • Ding ding ding!She is my sister. We look nothing alike though. Atleast I've never thought so. Stop with the NKOTB hate!
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