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Filling tables to capacity?

I'm working on my table seating this morning in spite of still missing several RSVPs, and I'm finding that I have a lot of 10-seat tables only filled with 5-8 people. For example, I have a table designated for my mom's side of the family, that only has 5 people attending. I'm not keen on putting random people with my grandma, but only having half the table full seems like a waste of space to me.Similarly, I have people from work coming that can't fit at one table, but are split pretty evenly at 2 tables with 7-8 people a piece. I don't want to have 10 at one table and only 3-4 at another.I do have the option to change to 8 person tables, but I change all of them to 8 person tables, I'll have to split up FI's family more than they already are.Would it look weird to have a mix of 10 and 8 person tables? Should I leave the half empty tables or try to consolidate more?
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Re: Filling tables to capacity?

  • i'd be inclined to say that the mixing of table sizes will look better than half empty tables, IMO.
  • Mix them. We only have 1 table where there is 6 people and 8 seats. Every other table is either filled or missing one person. And we also made sure that friends were sitting with each other.
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  • I have 12 tables ( not including the head) and only 2 have a full 10. The others have between 7-9. Honestly, I really couldn't care less. The tables with less people will just mean they have more room to spread out. People will only be sitting for dinner/dessert so, IMO, it's not worth going crazy over.
  • Our venue "requires" no less than 8 ppl a table... and they also have 2 tables where they can put up to 12 ppl. With that being said, we made one table 12 people, which include all of my younger cousins and 3 younger brothers. I figure they wouldn't care if they are cramped. All the other tables are 8-10, with one table seating 7. I've tried to switch ppl around to make all the tables at least 8 ppl... but it just doesn't work because of "awkward" groupings/pairings. So I figure... F-it. I'm not going to stress about one table being 7 people. So to answer your question (sorry to ramble), I don't think it will look weird as long as the tables don't look over crowded or there's not enough people seated. I think you will be fine mixing it up :)
  • My tables are 8 person tables, but a few of them are going to have 9 people so that i don't have to spilt up families. I wouldn't have half empty tables.
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  • It's not like they're going to leave emtpy chairs.... it will jsut give the people at the "half-empty tables" more room.
  • Mixing it up is fine. We have tables of 8,9,10,11 and 12.
  • I'm using tables that can hold 10, but we chose to have no more than 8 at each.  More comfortable.  However, many of those tables only have 5-7 people.  Not a big deal in my opinion, wasn't worth stressing about. 
  • Mix away I was so pumped when my venue coordinator told me I could do 8, 9, or 10 at a table and it would all work out!
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  • I think it would look nice to have mixed tables, better than having 5 people at a 10 person table.
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  • I think splitting them to a mix of 8 & 10 would be fine. Chances are no one will even notice
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  • I think having a mix of 10 and 8 person tables would work out just fine. We're trying to have 8 or 9 at each table but it doesnt always work out!
  • Thanks, ladies.I'm going to work with my DOC to come up with a good floor plan with a mix of tables. :)I know I'm overthinking it, but I can't help it.
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    Congrats to both my TTC buddies, Amberley18 and sb2006 on their beautiful babies!
  • Ditto steeser. A mix of tables will look better, and probably make guests feel better. IMHO, I'd feel a bit weird at a half-empty table. That's just me though. HTH :)
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