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September 2009 Weddings

Second Guessing Everything?

Does anyone else feel like they are second guessing everything (with the exception of marrying FI)?I feel like every decision that I have already made I am overanalyzing and wondering if I should change. ie flowers, linens, programs... today I am driving myself crazy over my hair and makeup...
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Re: Second Guessing Everything?

  • The only 2 things I've constantly 2nd guessed were flowers and my dress.I really wish I could do real flowers, but there's just NO way with my allergies. I can't even walk outside right now without a sneezing fit if I forget my meds.And my dress, I've gotten over it. I still don't love it, but it will work.
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  • I went through that a few months ago actually... I did end up changing a few things and just getting new stuff - I want to make sure i have exactly what I want, so I just went with it!
  • I've been struggling with makeup! Still don't know what to do:(
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  • I keep second guessing myself that I'm forgetting something... but i'm not! I keep checking theknot checklist and I'm where I should be. I think I will feel better once all the RSVPs come in... I think that's what it is lol.
  • So beyond the second-guessing phase.  Now I'm just running with everything...
  • Try not to look at things once you've planned them. That is my only suggestion.
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  • Thanks ladies, I don't really want to change anything, just need to stop thinking about it! Part of it is that I am going to a wedding this weekend as a guest, and worried about comparing everything. Must shut brain off!
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  • ditto dalto... i would love to change things, but what can i do now/  But i WISH WISH WISH i would've gone with slate gray bm dresses instead of black.  oh well. 

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  • Well, we have to write out the giant check to the reception venue tomorrow, resulting in wiping clean the 7 months' worth of savings and zeroing our bank account. Which means the only thing I'm second guessing is our decision to not elope!
  • I'm also second guessing my dress. My sister thinks I should just go buy a new one. If it were only that easy. I guess I dont care anymore at this point. FI wont remember and anyone else can suck it. I started wishing I'd picked slate grey too instead of brown. Whatcha gonna do?
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  • I started this last night with my programs.  I worked so hard on them and now I think they just look stupid.  Ohh well nothing I can do about it now and I am sure nobody will notice anyways.
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  • ive gotten past the second guessing...im just so anxious for the day to be here, im frustrated, im tired, and i dont want to wait another 27 days.
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