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September 2009 Weddings

poll: your wedding dress.

so aside from when you had your fittings, do you put your dress on and stare at yourself? my friend who got married last year said she would put it on once a week. if you do, how often do you try it on? do you walk around in it and do stuff or just admire yourself? does fi know you do this? unfortunately for me, mine is corset so i cant put it on myself. but i do open the bag and caress it while sighing at its beauty. am i the only crazy one??

Re: poll: your wedding dress.

  • I don't do any of these things because my dress lives at the dress shop until the day before my wedding. Otherwise I'd do all of the above and freak out about how it fit me every time I put it on.
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  • The only time it's on is at my fittings. It was at my sisters house, so it wasn't directly within reach.Now it's at the seamstress waiting to get altered.
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  • Mine's at the wedding shop as well.  Good thing too... if I had to see it every day I would prolly torch it.
  • mine's been at the bridal shop where I ordered it. I brought it home for a week... I tried it on, so I could take some good pics of it... but now it's at the alterations place. But if it was here, I'd vacuum in it.
  • Mine is a corset too, so I need someone to help me into it, so that keeps me from putting it one. I do take it out every now again and just look at and think,Yeah!! I love my dress.
  • Mine is also at the store, so I've only had it on for fittings.Even if it was at my house I wouldn't put it on...I'm paranoid about getting it dirty;)
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  • Only occassionaly, just to check on my weight progress, but since the scale has stopped moving, I haven't been wearing it.  Now that it will no longer be in the house since my first fitting is Thursday, I may wear it more. I just look in the mirror, I don't want to get it dirty.FI does know, since I have to tell him not to go upstairs.  The dress is in a closet of one of our guest rooms and the mirror is in the bathroom down the hallway.
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  • I bought my dress off the rack in May so I've had it in the house for a long time, but I hadn't tried it on again until about three weeks ago to make sure that I hadn't gained too much weight to fit into it. 
  • Mine is corset too :) Aside from my 2 fittings, I had it on once (before my first fitting, when it was stored at my mom's house). Sounds silly, but it's always fit me like a glove, and I like to work out a lot, so I wanted to make sure it still looked and felt okay. I had my first fitting in July, and the second earlier this month. I didn't sneak any peeks when I brought it home, though. When it was stored at my mom's...she was REALLY bad about that! She'd go into my old bedroom, unzip the bag and show it to her friends and our family! I finally told her to stop, because I want to keep it a surprise for the guests...at least for the people who don't know about my fittings, etc. LMAO.
  • My dress is at my parents house. If it wasn't I would put it on a couple of times a week.  I do take it out whenever I go over to their house just to look at it and touch it.
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  • mine's' at the dress shop... i have one more fitting next week yet.  but if i bring it home, i'll be too scared of fi stopping in or me getting it dirty... or feeling less special about when i finally do get to wear it.

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  • When my dress lived at my house while it didn't fit, I'd open up the bag and look at it, but never take it down. No use trying it on, since it didn't fit. Only would have ticked me off to try it on.I do, however, try on my wedding band about once a month.
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  • Mine is at the alterations place..... but I'm picking it up after work today and then it will be at my mom's.
  • Mine has been in my closet since February, only away for "summer vacation" for the three weeks it was in for alterations. I was so happy when it was gone, I hate being responsible for it. I have these irrational anxieties something is going to happen to it. No, I only tried it on when I had to check to make sure the shoes worked and that the strapless bra didn't show. Otherwise, I just keep it zipped up. FI knows it's there but I never worried about him looking at it. He's not the snooping type. I think he's curious about what it looks like but he'd want to be surprised.
  • So here's my story about how once upon a time I thought I could try my wedding gown on myself. Let me begin by saying I am a very busty girl. In March I started freaking out about how I'm not sure if I liked my dress or not. Some friends suggested I try it on. Since I was home alone, I figured it would be a good time....HAHAHA!! I was able to get it on, but I couldnt zip it myself. So I think, hey maybe I can turn it around, hook the clasp, zip it up and spin it back around again. Bwahaha!! NOOO. It was stuck on my boobs. I actually ripped it a little (nothing beyond repair). So I undo it and try to zip it again with it on the right way. Couldnt do it. AT this point I'm crying. OMG my dress doesnt fit. Then it downs on me that maybe I could use the wall to hold up my dress (hence smushing my boobs a little) and I could zip it. Great idea. So I'm in the hallway, pushing my body against the wall, crying, trying to zip up my dress. It finally worked but by that time I was such a mess of tears and frustration that I immediately took it off and spent the rest of the day hating my body. Moral of the story: Do not try to put on your dress by yourself unless you know for sure you can zip that b!tch. :D
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  • my dress is at my parents house bc up until dbag roommate moved out it would have had to be in our bedroom closet if we had it at the house....so I dont get to try it on or gaze at it lovingly like i'd love to....
  • Mine's at the bridal shop until Wednesday and even then its corset so I won't be able to try it on alone. LOVED every fitting though! And Sunday I get to wear it almost all day! WEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  • mac - I had a similar story when I tried on my dress the first time.  It zips up right until it hits my boobs!  So, I did what you did: turn it around so the zipper was at my side and zip it up and rotate it.  I was successful, but 3 beadings came off in the process!!  I lost a little more weight and am able to zip it up by myself with the dress on the correct way.  I did learn that it was easier without a bra.
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  • I tried my dress w/o a bra and I felt so naked. My dress fits perfectly but for whatever reason it wasnt working for me. I did have my seamstress let it out a little because I had a cow about my (nonexistant) armpit fat.
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  • I can't go without a bra, I always feel like it looks like it's sagging.  The bust area of my dress doesn't look right to me either.  Hopefully my seamstress can do something after my first fitting.
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  • me too. I felt like my boobs became part of my stomach. It just looked stupid. So I had her let it out at the top so my boobs didn tlook so "packed in". I'll see how it looks on Friday, but I just talked to her and she said she would be able to let it out as much as we needed. I curse my boobs! :D
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  • I curse them too!  I feel bad for not liking them since they're D's, which isn't too bad compared to some other people like yourself.
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  • I would if I was in the same state but its in Colorado and I am in California so not possible.  I would do this with my short dress but it was too big for me when I picked it out and now its being altered.
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  • I am doing my own alterations so it is a) at my house, b) I have put it on a couple of times (had to remove the pins for the B-pics, so had to do it all over again) and c) have done this by myself each time, and d) had the same problem as Hex and mac...it zips 90%. I have to reach in a Mel Gibson shoulder dislocation type of way to get it up any further, and the dress is all heavy lace, so I actually made my fingre red and raw and sore for two days aftr doing this friday night (the last time I put it on). And, I ordered a size larger so it would fit on top...erghh. It does go on easier withou tthe bra, but the girls just don't sit right.///with the bra, I have the opposite, the dress pulls away, so I am actualyl sewing the bra to the dress...fun.
  • I wish that I could have had my dress to try on!  I just picked it up at the post office today and raced home to try it on before I had to go to work.  Thank God it only needs a few alterations.  That's what I get for changing my mind in June about my dress!!
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  • Mine is at my mom's house. Every time i am there i open the bag and look at it ( i guess to make sure it's really in there i don't know i don't have a real reason for doing it). I haven't had it on since i brought it home to my moms. I will put it on in a few weeks to make sure everything is good. The last time i had it on i had all these emotions come out and it was good but strange. FI doesn't really care. The dress bag is in the extra room and he knows it's there but understands that girls are weird about dresses so he doesn't ask or look.    I did find out that my mom opens the bag and looks at it often too. It's nice to know she is as excited as i am. =)
  • i was just thinking that i wish i had my dress so i could visit it. but its still at the seamstress for final pressing, and i didnt want it in the house too long. saturday i "fessed up" that my wedding isnt the 6th, its the 20th(still dont trust them enough to tell them its the 27th), so i could pick it up on the 18th. that way i can enjoy it for a week before the wedding!
  • I had my dress for over a year and it was in a back bedroom until recently. I have had all my fittings and took it to his grandparents house where I will be getting dressed. Before I took it over there....I tried it on once a month to make sure I wouldn't step on while dancing and that I haven't lost too much weight. It fits perfectly now. However I miss my dress. Not too much longer til I can actually wear it and I can't wait to see my FI face when he sees me for the first time!
  • No, partly because it's never been at my house (the seamstress has it til 2 days before the wedding) and partly because I'm terrified I'll damage it, but I do try on my RD dress every few days.
  • I can't do any of these things because it's currently at my mom's house.
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