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September 2009 Weddings

Salt in the wound (long)

So my great aunt, who was supposed to pay for my mom's plane ticket to my wedding, officially sent her "No" reply (late, I might add), along with a letter which reads:"Dear M&T,I am honored that you invited me to your wedding. With all my animals it is very hard for me to get away. I felt it was more important for your mother to be there. She borrowed $400 from me to pay her rent. I told her that instead of sending money back and forth, that she put it in the bank and save it for her trip back there. She hasn't told me directly, and I know better than to ask as she gets very defensive when I question her about money. I am sure she has spent it. Yes, I don't know what her plans are -- I did what I could.I wish both of you a lovely and happy life together. I am sorry I am not able to attend but even sorrier if your mother doesn't come. I do hope she makes it."So over a month after I was forced to deal with my mom not coming, having processed and accepted it, and gotten over it, my great aunt decides to bring it all back up again. That figures.On the plus side, my mom moved in with her ex-MIL today who lives in NorCal to help her take care of the house and keep her company. This means a free place for mom to stay with minimal bills, so now she thinks maybe she can come to the wedding after all. With 19 days out, I'm still skeptical, but I am excited that she's making smart decisions to try and get herself here.
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