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September 2009 Weddings

Pre-wedding nerves

Hi! I am getting married on the 12th. I feel confident I have thought of everything. And I'm so excited to marry my fiance. I'm just nervous b/c I feel so much is riding on this day. What do you do to calm less-than-2-weeks-to-go nerves?? I've been exercising and meditating, like I always do. Anything else??

Re: Pre-wedding nerves

  • Definitely liquor!!! :)
  • yoga, definitely.
  • I keep a chilled bottle of Bailey's in the fridge. And suprisingly, my Mother who is usually the looney bird has been very calm...I wanted to ask her what she was taking!
  • I would have to agree with the other ladies, I'm in the south so Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade have been my best friends lately!
  • I took this entire week of work off before the wedding. I have been incredibly calm since then, no nerves. Also, Yoga!
  • Wine. Love, love, love wine. And just talking to someone who "gets it"... or at least acts like they get it! :-P
  • OMG Sweet Tea Vodka is up here now too!! SOOO GOOD!!!! =) I love that stuff. We can find it much easier down in Louisville, KY than we can here in Indy though.
  • I'm in the less-than-3-weeks-to-go phase, but I find that denial still does wonders for me. I think once I go to my friend's wedding this weekend and realize that'll be me in 2 weeks, I will probably start to spaz.But for now, I'm just blissfully gliding along in my little bubble of ignorance.
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  • Living on the corner of ignorance and denial is fun. Its a nice neighborhood.
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  • I like it. It's peaceful, and the neighbors don't keep me up at night with their loud music.I will probably move to OMGville sometime next week, though, I expect.
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    Congrats to both my TTC buddies, Amberley18 and sb2006 on their beautiful babies!
  • hahaha tdmd... I'm driving there now!
  • The concensus seems to be drinking
  • Is it bad if you want to do a WHOLE LOT of drinking in the last four days before the wedding?  I don't even really have any planning left to do and all I want to do is just down a bottle of wine...and some Xanax.
  • I've been having a lot of nightmares. It sucks because I feel pretty confident about everything when I'm awake. The one I had last night was that it rained at my outdoor ceremony....and my ex boss was there and she told me that I needed different flowers. Gah, so dumb, my brain that won't stop.
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  • You know, non-regular posters might just think we're a bunch of drunks!! ... but we're not... right?
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  • My wedding is the 12th also & already I've had the last two nights...sleepless!  I'm getting headaches...tummy aches, ok I'll quit whining now! Take a deep breath!  Ahhhh....... Cheers!!
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