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question about title of car got me thinking....

what about the house? weve already owned ours for 2 years, purchased in my maiden name. do we have to change that title, or can that stay? my mom said in NY if you want to change the name you actually have to go through a full closing, you cant just fill out a form. i hope thats not the case, cause we just re financed like 2 months ago, we cant afford to do it again

Re: question about title of car got me thinking....

  • I just asked Wells fargo, and they said We can change the name on the title, but not on the loan.  If we want to change the loan, then you have to re finance.
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  • I wouldnt worry about it really. Are you planning to sell anytime soon? Call your mortgage company and ask them.
    Kari & Jesse 09.26.09


  • So if the loan is in your maiden name, that doesn't really affect anything right?  I'm in the same boat.
  • my guess would be no.  My parents are co signers on my condo, I guess when we go and try and sell the condo then their might be a little more paperwork because my name changed.  I wouldn't worry too much about it. 
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  • thank god. one less thing to worry about. truth be told, when we go and sell this place when we retire in like 30 years, i will most likely have forgotten that i enver changed it, and then i can do the little song and dance then, cause im sure it will cause some sort of headache :-) i guess thats why they ask you when you are doing the mortgage if youve had any other aliases? is for people that change their name when they marry?
  • wow i didnt really think that refinancing would be necessary to change your last name on a document...that is ridiculous. i am in the same boat as well i hope that isnt the case. someone told me that isnt needed but who knows everything hasta be difficult, i will call tommorrow and they will probably say i gotta pay a million dollars to change it. i didnt even think of the cars! omg!
  • You will need to record a new Deed, vesting to the two of you in your new name, as Tenants by the Entirety.
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