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September 2009 Weddings


how much money did you get from the wedding?=P  (sorry, couldn't help it, haha.  I don't expect anyone to answer this)

Re: So

  • LMAOHeck.. We're all curious! We made enough to go on VERY nice vacation to Key West and still have enough for a down payment on a house.  That's really vague, right?
  • We got back about 1/3 the total cost of the wedding.
  • Enough to buy our bedroom set. Which I lurve. With respect to wedding costs, less than 10%. But we got almost everything off of 3 registries.
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  • Awesome. We got back 50% of our reception total,  and about 25% of our total wedding costs
  • I didn't think to put it to terms of wedding costs... We got back about 30%... or 150% return on the money DH and I put in. 
  • We made back 43% of the $13,500 we spent on the wedding.. you do the math :)We were very pleased!
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  • You guys are funny. We ended up with a bit more than $3600.
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  • a little over 2300 but a TON of gift cards....holy cow, don't know how i'm going to spend all of these!
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  • We recieved about $6,500 in Cash and about 1,000 in gift cards and very few gifts. Which was fine with us because we didn't want to move everything with us.
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  • we got a few gift cards too. It was really easy for me to spend those. We needed some new things pretty badly.
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  • Wow! We probably got $1,000 total. It's not really customary to give money around here, though. The majority of what we got paid for our honeymoon. We did get TONS of restaurant gift cards, though.
  • Between cash, checks, and gift cards we probably got about $3,000. The total esitmated cost of our wedding was about $13,000. We were very gracious seeing as we expected maybe $1,000.
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  • I don't even KNOW how much we got. Probably somewhere in the $2500-3000 range. But we got a crap load of GCs.
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  • In terms of wedding budget, we received about 30% in cash gifts
  • In terms of wedding cost we got back a little over 50% of our reception cost and about 30% of our total wedding cost. Its customary to give money at a wedding in the area DH and I come from. we only received 2 gifts at the wedding.
  • Around $6500 plus some gift cards. A lot more than we had expected.
  • I was shocked when we added up all our cash. I didn't think we would break even, but boy did we.We got 113% of our total wedding costs. Not including gift cards and registry items.
  • *total wedding costs includes reception for me.
  • I was quite pleased and surprised... Made back around 75 percent of the wedding cost:)
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  • We got some checks (enough to have some decent spending $ on our HM)...but mostly BBB gift cards. My uncle from Michigan gave us a hefty one that we've only spent 1/3 of so far. LOL
  • We got about $1000 in GC as well - on top of the cash/checks
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    Charlie ? 12/11/2011

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  • We got about $3800, but we also have a drawer full of gift cards. Not bad at all. :-)
  • We recieved about 50% of the reception cost...which equals out to just over $6,000.  $1,250 of that came from my FIL.
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  • We got about $5,300 which paid off the wedding and put some into savings. We got asked by some friends that got married at 18 and got $400 from their wedding... we told them we recieved "enough" lol
  • Not counting gift cards (those were I think $350, and then I have $200 of shower gift cards) we got the equivalent of the down payment on our house and our wedding bands combined. Which made paying the credit card bill that had the entire honeymoon charges on it much less terrifying. We got hardly any every day china and no barware at all, so we're going up to VT next month to go put a big dent in that registry with the wedding money.
  • ~$8500 in cash/checks and then a bunch of gift cards we didn't total which I'm using to complete our registries. We had a ton of people buy registry gifts instead of giving cash/checks (more than expected) but we got some pretty large checks from those who did give them
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