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September 2009 Weddings

Bummed about wedding video

So my grandma's boyfriend offered to video our wedding as part of our gift. I hadn't been 100% sold on a videographer, nor was it in the budget, so this was a great offer, and it was free.I got a copy in the mail today and for the most part, I love it. There's only one problem:He changed positions during the ceremony and somehow inadvertantly the camera shut off briefly, so our vows and ring exchange are not on the video. :( It's still a good video, but seriously. No vows?I know DH's aunt and uncle videoed at least part of our ceremony. I think I'm going to get in touch with them and see if they got the vows/rings, and maybe see if they can merge the two videos. I'm still thankful for the video, but super bummed that the most significant part of our ceremony is absent. :(
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Re: Bummed about wedding video

  • We watched our wedding video for the first time last night and I will admit that I am a little bummed. You can't hear us say our vows. We can hear the preacher, but not the part that we wrote. There is also A LOT of background noise. Sorry, that yours kind of sux too. :-(
  • We didn't have a videographer but I think we had a couple people videotaping for us...I can guarantee you won't be able to hear our vows either...all of our guests complained they couldn't hear us...but I'm okay with that - it was a special moment between the two of us and I kind of like that no one could hear it.
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  • We gave our camera to a college friend and I will just say it is the wedding version of the blair witch project. It is hilarious even though it shakes and changes angles so many times.
  • We had a sound system so everyone heard us, but there was a ton of wind so our videographer is having a hard time editing it now.
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  • My brother videotaped some of the wedding for us. I was only able to watch the first 5 mins on playback on the camcorder and the volume was pretty low on everything. H's vows were audible but you can't hear me at all. But guests told me they couldn't hear me at all during the ceremony, guess I have a quiet voice? News to me. Maybe I was just nervous? Anyway, I don't expect the video to be anything stellar, my brother's not a pro, but I am just glad to have it at all. The speeches and first dance should be good because there was a PA system inside. We weren't mic'd for the ceremony.
  • Yeah, I'm a little disappointed in mine also. :( That does suck that part of your ceremony was cut.You can hear us say our vows and everything on the video, but at the actual wedding no one did. But like Jill said- I was ok with that.

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  • I'm also bummed about my video. I hired a videographer ($800) and he didn't do a good job at ALL. My grandpa's head takes up about a third of the screen through the entire ceremony and you can hardly hear our vows. Thumbs down to him!
  • My cousin offered to tape our ceremony for free as well! Great offer, but we didn't catch anyone walking down the aisle and he was too far away to hear anything.  So you can see the top of my head as I reach H, then the camera shifts down to both of us.. I guess I should have taken him to where I wanted him and not left it to someone else to set him up... Yep, that controlling:)
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