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September 2009 Weddings


I've been back for a week but work has been really really busy.  I was hoping to have more pics to share but only one person actually uploaded pictures :(.  The wedding was awesome, I had a lot of fun even if the weather was totally crazy.  Here's my recap (it's LONG):- The weather was all over the place.  8 am when I drove to the venue to get ready, it was foggy.  10 am the sun breaks through the clouds and there's light!  We delayed our 12 noon ceremony by 10 minutes because less than half of our guests had arrived (my DH's frat bros were all late!).  It's cloudy when we start the procession but as soon as I'm supposed to process, it starts to lightly rain.  Apparently it had been doing that all morning and it would stop after a few minutes, but not this time.  It got harder so I said to move everyone under the tent.  Of course, once everyone moves the rain stops!  So we had our ceremony under the tent.  I was so nervous, especially now that my walking distance has almost tripled!  I tend to walk fast naturally, so I was speeding down the way.  My aunt even yelled at me to slow down!- It was sunny during cocktail hour so the pictures should have turned out great.  I managed to step on the front layer of my dress and put a big hole right above the hem during pictures.  Also, I didn't realize this until I saw pictures that my bustline is asymmetrical and I have a little double boob going on on my right side.- At one point the weather changes from sunny to a complete downpour and DH's frat brothers had to move our table.  Someone decided to move it directly under the ceremony arch and it was completely cramped.  Here is when it started pouring and that's our table:Here is where it was moved, you can see us under the arch.  There was no space behind the chairs and our chairs were right next to each other.  Whoever decided that made a bad decision.- The cake cutting was pretty awkward, we had no idea what we were doing.  Square cakes are weird to cut.  Our photog had to remind us to kiss each other after we fed each other bites of the cake.  I thought we'd get a slice so I didn't finish the piece we cut, but we never got slices of the cake!I was totally smiling all day and didn't let anything get me down, not even the rain.  Our Disney-moon was fun too!  We took it at a more relaxed pace.  Our first day there, we just stayed in our room because we were so tired.  The food was awesome too, we're totally spoiled now.Of course there are a few things I regret:- I should have lost that last 5 pounds.  At one point during the reception our photog set up a slideshow of pictures he had takend while we were getting ready and I have a double chin in some of them :(- I shouldn't have DIY the flowers.  I was so so stressed that weekend.  Our original plan had me doing the flowers all day Saturday, but when my parents wanted to hold the welcome lunch, I didn't think about how that would affect the time.  I spent so much time running around that I almost didn't make it in time to pick up my dress from the bridal salon on Saturday!- It was more stressful to have our adult BM and GMs stay at our place.  I feel so bad I wasn't able to properly support my BM when she was having a rough time.  At first she heard her grandfather passed away the Tuesday before the wedding but she was misinformed and he was hospitalized instead.  However, they weren't expecting him to make it through.  From the time we picked her up Wednesday night and all throughout the weekend, she was a mess.  DH and I told her that it would be okay if she left, that we wouldn't it against her, but she still wanted to stay.  I feel really bad I couldn't have supported her properly.- I should have tried out my original hair style, but DH likes my hair down which is why I changed it.
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  • Thanks for sharing--the pics are beautiful! P.S. I'm jealous of the tented/fabric-y look...it's awesome :)
  • You looked AMAZING- and super skinny- seriously! Congratulations on having such a beautiful wedding and having the right attitude about rain on your day!
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  • Sorry to hear about the weather:( I love your dress! I think you looked amazing!
    Rachel's Nest

    Audrey Pearl
  • I agree with pp, you are talking crazy, you look gorgeous!! Your tent looks great and it sounds like you had the right attitude. Smiling all day pretty much sums it up! And don't beat yourself up for not being as supportive of your friend. Sounds to me like you were!
  • I just love that tent. Gorgeous.
  • I think everything looked amazing! Congrats. :D
  • You did NOT need to lose 5lbs! You looked gorgeous - I <3 your dress, seriously.I agree that square cakes are weird to cut, we had no clue what we were doing! It was just awkward.
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  • That does sound like crazy weather but the pictures are so beautiful!  You look amazing! Congrats!
  • Your pics look great! 5 lbs my a$$....I LOVE the tent! We had rain while I was having my hair done, which I seemed to piss or forget but DH reminded me last night. We did get to eat cake, but the whole cake cutting thing was weird. Up here, the B&G take a cut and usually the hostess plates the cake. The layer was so tall, I knew we were goingo t make a mess so I asked them to remove a piece, and they kept saying, you do it...she finally saw we were struggling and plated a piece for us to serve each other for pics and then we had a piece back at our table (surprised they did not save any for you)!!!!
  • You did not need to love 5 more pounds, imagine the seamstress having to work overtime to adjust your dress if you'd done that - it's nonsense, heyxu, seriously.you were a beautiful bride, that's all.  Period, end of story.
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