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September 2009 Weddings

Hey there all my 9-09 Brides

I know its been a long time (and some of you have NO idea who I am.)I was (supposed to be) a 9-09 bride until my FI and I split in March (BEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN!) But I missed my girls and I have been wanting to stop by for a long time and say hello and congratulations to all my girls.  I hope everyone had an absolutely WONDERFUL wedding day.  I tried to stop in at my local board but I guess since I never changed my account, it switched me to the Nest - haha!  In any case, HI!!!!!!!

Re: Hey there all my 9-09 Brides

  • PHOEBE!!! Hey Girl! We've missed you! It sounds like you're doing well!! It is really great to hear from you :-)
  • Febeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! >  So glad to see you back, and that things are ok & you're doing well.  :)
  • PHOEBE!!!! Hi :o) It's been a while! I hope all is well with you.
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  • FEEEEBS!!! SOO good to hear from you!  How are you? How's life?  We've missed you.  I've thought of you often...1. whenever 911 pops up in my life, 2. when I need to pee so bad I unbutton my pants on the way to the bathroom, 3. When I watch Ghosthunters since YOU were the Queen of Freaky Fridays and mostly when I saw your birthday pop up on my calendar! :-) I hope you had an awesome birthday! Don't be a stranger.  Shoot me an email so I can find you on facebook! TheSabinWedding at gmail   MISS YOU!
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  • Awww... I totally remember you!  You were always so friendly and nice.  Hope you are doing well!
  • Yes, I am doing pretty good.  Much better than I EVER imagined.  At first, I was kind of like "what now?!" and I had a tough go but then I realized how much better off I was to split now rather than after the fact.  In the mean time, I have just started dating again - one quite comical which I couldn't stop repeatedly rolling at my eyes at the guy.  OMG but you all look SOO beautiful in your pics!  Congrats again!BTW Jill - I still head into the loo undoing my pants - just can't seem to break the habit.  I try to wear pants that are knit and don't have buttons or zippers.  I'm less likely to pull them down this way.  Oddly enough, right after my split, 911 stopping popping up... until about 6 weeks ago. Here we go again!  Haha!
  • hey Feeeeeeeebeeeeeee! We missed you!
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  • Phoebe!!! I just came over here to lurk and saw this post! How are you? We miss you on hv!
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  • just friended you on facebook... I found you through Jaimie!
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  • Hi girlie.... sorry I havent replied to your myspace email.  I barely go there anymore.  I'm glad you popped in.  I'll email ya soon! =)
  • Linda - we are now FB friends!  :o)
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