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January 2010 Weddings

reception before the wedding

We are having our marriage blessed in the Greek Orthodox Church. The ceremony is planned for the afternoon on Sunday, January 10th. The church, during the fellowship hour, will be celebrating our traditional vasilopita. It is a luncheon hosted by the philopitos society. Our Priest suggested we invite our guests (approx 40 family and friends) to the luncheon before the wedding ceremony and then after the ceremony we can come back and serve cake and champagne. Question: are we crazy to do this? if not crazy - how do we word invitation/reception? Help

Re: reception before the wedding

  • that's alot of words that make no sense to me, so you need to back up and explain what it all is. how would you invite some but not all to this thing before hand? and if they are not members of the church, why would they want to go? i'm trying to understand what it is that you are talking about.
  • Okay, totally understand. My husband and myself have been married for 7 years. We were married in a private ceremony at the County Court house after my father passed away. We have always wanted to be married in the Orthodox church, but for that to happen both people need to be baptized Orthodox. My husband was baptized earlier this year, so now we can have our marriage blessed in the church. Because it is a renewal of vows we don't want to go through all the typical reception rituals. It is a second marriage for both of us, all our children are grown. This is something my father would be very happy about, along with mine and my husbands family. We are planning something small maybe 40 guests. The question is how to word the invitation to let our guests know they are welcome to come early to participate in our Orthodox tradition of celebrating the new year. If guests don't come before the ceremony, they will only be served cake after the ceremony. No reception of sorts, maybe some music, but no dancing, drinking, no typical reception activities, etc. too weird?
  • maybe on the invitation put the time of everything....and then put an insert explaining the traditions?
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  • gaahh! i get it now!! thanks for enlightening me-i'm not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes!! i agree with pp, that's a good idea. or maybe go with your regular invite, and note that there will be cake and cocktails following the ceremony. and then include an additional card that explains that there will be a small reception prior to the ceremony that they are welcome to join. sounds like this is something that your dad will be very excited for-enjoy it!
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