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Hi all!

I'm new to the Knot, but loving it! I recently got engaged and am very interested in the Springhaven Country Club for the reception (it's right in the town where I grew up, Wallingford, PA, which makes it easy for everyone.) But I can't get home to see it until 7/10 and they have practically no wedding pictures online.

Anyone having their wedding there, or ever been to a wedding there, and can offer me feedback? (Also curious to know the base wedding package price, which they don't give...)

Thanks! :)

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    efred520efred520 member
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    My dad and stepmom are members there and have attended weddings there, they said the ballroom was very nice.  I'm not having my wedding there, but I did email for info and they sent me their whole wedding packet with prices.  If you email them for info, they should do the same for you.  I don't know if they have changed their prices since February (which is when I emailed), but their prices are based on the entree and range from $96 to $110 per person. 

    Hope that helps :)
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    tua13882tua13882 member
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    We just had our wedding there and it was beautiful! However I would never have my wedding reception there again! We went through three different coordinators in a span of a year (which we were never contacted that they had left and needed to be emailing a new coordinator, I had to pay extra on my shipping of items due to this). On the day of our wedding we were not allowed access to the grounds for our bridal party pictures even though we were told several times before the even that we would be able to. The place where we took pictures at was horrible! Golfers were trying to hit us with balls and then would make rude comments to us as they drove by! I ordered a larger cake to have quest take additional pieces, at the end of the night i was told there was no cake left over to give additional pieces out. The cake was over 50 people larger then my reception count. Over all I would not recommend this site or have in your contract specifics and what would happen if they did not occur. I was very disappointed with them!
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