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January 2010 Weddings

To forgive or not to forgive.....(Really really long)

First of all, congratulations to all of the january brides. We're finally done with all the planning and can enjoy our lives as newlyweds:)

I ran into a....situation....at the end of my wedding reception. (As a little background information things were already a little tense as my hubby's parents and my parents weren't getting along and had already had a couple of run-ins.) My MOH had a run-in with my FIL. He was joking around with her and hurt her feelings. She took it really personal and had her buzzed boyfriend say something to my FIL. Needless to say it didn't go over well and my MOH felt the need to involve my MIL as well and basically tell her to control her husband. Given the current tension I tried to smooth things over and my MOH left to avoid further conflict
My Husband is furious with her and never wants to speak to her again. After a few things he said to her in anger, she feels the same. At first i was just trying to smooth things over, but then I got to talk it out with a neutral party. I realized I'm furious with her and I'm not sure if I want to completely rekindle our friendship. We work together so I'm willing to keep the work relationship intact, but I really want nothing to do with her outside of work. I've come to realize I'm really disgusted with her. When we spoke about the incident after my honeymoon she said she was sorry about the way she handled it, but not that she did it. And I'm really upset that she couldn't just get over herself for ten minutes because it was MY wedding....
I guess my questions is...is it OK that I'm THIS upset now? I thought I was ok before, but I realized I'm really angry with her. I'm now remembering how snotty she was on the day of and over analyzing all of it....what do I do now????? Please help me figure this out!

Re: To forgive or not to forgive.....(Really really long)

  • In Response to Re: To forgive or not to forgive.....(Really really long):
    [QUOT. As for her vs. your DH, just because you get married doesn't mean that you DH suddenly has to be friends with all your friends and go with you when you hang out.  That would probably drive all your friends crazy, anyway! My DH and MOH don't hate each other, but they would prefer to not spend time together.  I go have lunch with her, he doesn't go with and he does whatever he wants to do.  No big deal.  HTH.
    Posted by pandasquishy[/QUOTE]

    My two cents is: ITA with all of this.
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